Box 4/5/6 Predictions

Today’s Letter Page Episode #282 question section seems to throw a lot of cold water on the idea of a Greazer hero deck. Oh well.


I’m going to have to re-listen to it, I missed whatever it was. Got almost done and realized I’d zoned out completely partway through. Been happening a lot lately, there’s so little RPG content and my interest in the pre-RPG canon is waning steadily.


The exact question was whether, knowing what they know now, C&A would have given Greazer a hero deck in Enhanced Edition.

The answer is:

None of that rules out Greazer as getting both a villain deck and a hero deck, provided that the villain deck comes first.

I’m actually wondering if, rather than getting “the team set” and “the space set”, we’re going to have Boxes #4 and #5 each include some team villains and some solo villains. I don’t know if they’d go that route, but it might be interesting…

It doesn’t completely rule it out but certainly lowers my expectations it happens.

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They could change their minds, but originally they said all the team villains would be in one box. Plus, all the remaining solo villains are conspicuously space/cosmos-themed.

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And in the minions and henchlings episode, C&A listed all the team villains between the Disparation villains and the “Space Box” villains, specifically referring to the latter group as the “last set”.

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