I haven’t played with Completionist Guise much and am just getting started finding all the weird character interactions he creates.

We already knew about the Super-Scientific/Freedom Five Tachyon combo. Here are two funky things that happened to me in a game today that almost seem like bugs, but maybe are just weird Guise things:

  • Guise used I Can Do That, Too! to use the power on a hero character card. Then he used his Completionist power on the same hero, tucking that card away…and using the same power, off the same hero card, again on the same turn.
  • When Proportionist is in play, replacing Sky-Scraper while she is tiny or huge triggers it as if she just changed size from normal. I thought for a minute that the game might be triggering Proportionist as if Sky-Scraper’s Extremist sizes are bigger/smaller than her regular sizes, which would have been an awesome touch, but replacing huge Extremist with huge base Sky-Scraper still did all non-hero targets 1 damage.

What strange Completionist Guise behaviors have you found?


“Strange” behavior? You realize this is Guise we’re talking about here…


Indeed. To be clear, I’m not suggesting these are problems to be solved. It is Guise, after all. We all expect certain things of him.