Editor’s Note #49

They try to break tradition with these but it always comes back to that topic

Upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, November 2nd: Episode #193 - Writers’ Room: Disparation: Oni Mr. Fixer
  • Tuesday, November 9th: Episode #194 - Writers’ Room: A Mr. Jitters story
  • Tuesday, November 16th: Episode #195 - Creative Process: Underworlds — hells, demon dimensions, and more!
  • Tuesday, November 23rd: Editor’s Note #50
  • Tuesday, November 30th: Episode #196 - Writers’ Room: Haunted Fanatic

Recording schedule:

  • Friday, October 30th: Episode #193 - Writers’ Room: Disparation: Oni Mr. Fixer
  • Friday, November 5th: Episode #194 - Writers’ Room: A Mr. Jitters story
  • Friday, November 12th: Episode #195 - Creative Process: Underworlds — hells, demon dimensions, and more!
  • Friday, November 19th: Editor’s Note #50
  • Friday, November 26th: Episode #196 - Writers’ Room: Haunted Fanatic

I agree, Adam’s Italian accent is hilariously awful.

Also, wow, you gotta be careful what you say in these letters, otherwise they’ll flag them for Miss Information and then… I have to assume you’re just done at that point! :B

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00:20:03 - Wait, wait, whoa whoa whoa. I thought it was very thoroughly canonically established, going all the way back to Guise’s episode and then repeatedly re-emphasized since then, that Guise does not actually see into the meta-verse, nor into the meta-metaverse (aka our reality), but simply delusionally thinks he does. Now, all of a sudden, Guise does have transdimensional sight AND therefore the metaverse is part of the multiverse? This does not compute! I’m going to need to get Omnitron 3.14159 on this case…

Oh hey, Maglev got a letter on. While my interest in that individual’s RPG project was short-lived, I’m always happy to see a new fan getting recognition. I’m not done listening to the answer to their question, about what to call the refugees who are stuck in the “lynchpin” universe by Vossaeon’s “sandwich bag” (god I hate that we don’t have a better name for that), but I have already thought of an appropriate name, perhaps not from the in-universe viewpoint (although La Capitan might have tossed off the word within earshot of someone), but definitely from the perspective of the metaverse comic readers. The obvious term for these “disposessed” people who came from Disparation universes is “The Disparossessed”.


I have a vested interest in figuring out what to call the Mist portal-displaced in the Sentinel Comics universe, since one of my players is one of those and I have had even less luck coming up with a term than C&A did! :’)

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Though I cant take credit for it as it is from this Reddit user Far Wanderer


Here’s my two cents on the names:

“Universal Seal?”

(Although I’m personally fine with “sandwich bag.” Not everything has to be so serious.)

“Multiversal Refugees?”

I don’t think we need to overcomplicate things with catchy titles, although they are fun if they’re right.

Wait, are we talking about the Animalverse here? 🦭😆


Universal Seal isn’t bad, but it isn’t very Voss. I think something along the lines of “Dimensional Exclusion Zone” is more suited to his general vibe.

I agree with c&a that Multiversal Refugees or the like is what they’d be called on government forms and NGO reports and such, but there should be a few other names for various levels of normal people, from the average college students to snooty intellectuals to the man on the street to “the hood”. At least two different names ought to come to mind for any of these populations, though they can overlap, and simple terms like “offworlder” or “weirdo” would fill some of those slots.


I’d suggest “Dimensional Being” or something, but Palladium Books doesn’t even like jokes of their stuff appearing in other company’s works.

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Ha, yeah, I thought of that when I was posting it.

Huh, it hadn’t occured to me that the names we were coming up with were Voss’s.

I don’t think any of these names are going to appear in any of GTG’s products.

How about “Parallelies” or “Outtimers?”

Technically the Letters Page podcast is a GTG product. If someone wanted to sue them for misusing IP, it wouldn’t have to be in a physical product. This is probably the basis of the “shmarvel shminematic shmuniverse” jokes, though these have thankfully dropped off a bit.

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The basis of doing that was entirely a running gag and I’m sure at some point it’ll come back.

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I know it will, but I wish it wouldn’t.

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How about “Alters”? Is that a thing? I think that already be a thing. Hold on, going to check.

Ah, never mind, it’s a psychological term. Pass.

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I think since the original question also referred to dimensional travelers like Visionary and KNYFE, and not just people that came from the mist-portals, the name shouldn’t reference “mist” if we want to apply it to the broadest possible demographic (Though maybe this distinction doesn’t matter if it only applies to a single-digit number of people).

Could also use abbreviations:

Dimensional Refugee → DR (Dee Are)
“We’ve got a couple DRs joining the academy this year.”
Or MR for Multiversal Refugee


Do we know it’s a single digit number of people? I’d have thought it’d be a lot higher. The mist portals could have opened all over the world, bringing people into various scion battles in a hundred different locations. Subtract the casualties, you could still easily have several dozen members of this group.

Dil_Ninja was referring to the number of folks who were from a different dimension but did not get to the Sentinels timeline via the mist portals, such as KNYFE and Visionary. That number is likely pretty small, but we probably don’t have a full count of them.

(Do we count the drawer full of KNYFEs on Mars? :wink: )

There’s also Omnitron-X who is a dimension hopper.

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Along those lines, Dimensional or Multiversal Refugee could be something like Di-Ref or Multi-Ref.

Unrelatedly, what about Alt-Aliens?