Episode 175 of the Letters Page: Creative Process: Werewolf Stories

A howling good time.

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Adam goes to bed earlier than I do! :open_mouth: He must be getting old.

Anyone want to take bets on whether Alpha is the new hero appearing in the next DE expansion? Christopher’s either hinted or outright said that there will be one. It’d make sense, since I could see Apex fitting in as a villain deck, and she’s an obvious go-to for a nemesis.

And can I just say… AWOOOOOOO! Werewolves of Haka!

Haunted Fanatic? Werewolf Haka? IS Inktober canon?


Okay, now I really want to see the Demon Scholar of Fleet Street be canon.

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It’s amusing how many canonical things started out as a non-canonical sketch. Dr. Medico started out that way, right?

My impression is that Adam did Inktober without wanting to worry about whether or not things were cannon, but the canonical status can change over time.

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Yeah, a joke in a forum thread. “Why isn’t there a dedicated healer?” Here’s why, but if we did we could do a being of pure energy called Doctor Medico MD (with the joke being that his name is basically “doctor” 4 times) which Adam then drew up real quick.


That is hilarious. XD I had no idea that was where he came from!