Episode 268 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol 4 #60-61

To address the overall topic, the idea was basically a reason to have Sentinels characters acting out non-Sentinels stories, and it was a pretty creative framing on the whole.

The “European Fairy Tales” part was for copyright reasons, which is not particularly surprising as C&A are as bound to that as their fictional metaverse is. I can’t fault them for that part.

I agree that the reveal of him as a frustrated writer was a little underwhelming, but that doesn’t make the overall idea any less fun for me.

The irony is the recent things you list are also popular. The werewolves and Soul Twins have been crazy popular in this RL fandom.

I’m a mix on the popularity. Werewolves? Sure, that’s fun. Soul Twins, Grimm, Rambler? Eh, it’s more options. Fashion? Waiting on a more concrete example of how she even functions, but as a concept, sure, sound fun.

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So I’m getting amazingly tired of the whole extreme double standard where:

Other people can post outright mocking, hostile, insulting, bad faith things about GTG, myself, or other fans, and that not only gets nothing done about it but you have people agreeing publicly with said things and lecturing me for pushing back or asking anything to be done about it.

I post the most absolutely soft-shoed, polite, milquetoastly phrased thing that is a 100% purely factual observation of provably occurring patterns of bad behavior, and next thing I know I see a message that I’m hidden, deleted, lectured, and/or banned.

I am tired of being the only person in the entire fandom held to any standards of conduct or expected to listen to criticism, and the only person in the fandom not allowed to criticize bad behavior.

P.S. Also tired of people who mistakenly think it’s OK to respond to criticism I make of other people’s behavior by ad hominem insulting me somehow as a deflection. Also putting that out there.

I think it’s just people here regularly mix up their own tastes with what’s popular.

I get and respect that people don’t always like the new things (as I’m not always into them either), but many of those things are just as popular as the EE stuff was. You have to acknowledge the latter while discussing the former.

Ah, I think I see where some miscommunication is happening. When I say “popular”, I meant “mainstream”. As in, the werewolves and demon characters are certainly popular and exist in real comic books, but aren’t as mainstream as concepts like speedsters and rich vigilantes (especially less so in the eras the game is supposed to cover). A lot of the stuff that had been new to DE has been less like “mainstream” comics content, which can certainly be a surprise to some Sentinels fans - many of whom don’t seem to have a deep knowledge of real-world comics.


OK, that makes more sense, thank you for clearing it up.

Yeah, there’s a lot of weird stuff in RL comics. If anything, Sentinels is often tame in that regard even with the newer additions.

The RL Sentinels fandom is also much tamer than the average RL comics fandom (especially where shipping is concerned in particular).