Episode 272 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Mystery Comics Vol 2. #485

It hasn’t been specifically said, but the History of Sentinel Comics videos specify that a superhero called The Centurion, created by GR Comics, was the first classic superhero in the metaverse, rather than Superman, and that the Wraith was the first hero to do the ‘Batman’ thing, so it’s probably safe to say that there’s no DC.

My assumption is that when History of Sentinel Comics releases, it’ll have a few competitor companies roughly outlined that serve as the primary Distinguished Competition to Sentinel Comics, whereas Marvel and DC won’t exist.

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I want to know if Metaverse Christopher or Adam have recurring cameos in the Sentinel Cinematic Universe and if they have a single word exclamation that they’re known for there.


They hemmed and hawed about it for a while, but in one of the more recent episodes (some time last year, I think), they came right out and said that Marvel & DC don’t exist there. They said it quickly and off-the-cuff, though, so they may not have meant it literally.

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Honestly even if Marvel exists, that isn’t what I asked – I asked if the MCU exists. If Marvel is a distant “also ran” in the metaverse, then it’s unlikely that they have a major movie franchise running alongside the Sentinels franchise, and thus unlikely that Hemsworth has played the Mighty Thor, which was pretty much the role that made him a household name.

Oh, right, I guess the metaverse names are the same as in our universe, the faked up names were for the comic printing.

well, the stories are short and apropos as yesterday was the birthday of Cliff “Doc” Christianson who wrote some of the first Viper book and was listed in credits of new Viper book. Not that anyone called him “Doc” except ironically as he just picked a nickname.
The modern Viper book included an updated version of the 999pt joke character that was not meant to get past the editor. They dropped the character that shows off his love of the Full Moon Puppet Master movies.

Maybe Hemsworth played Ra: God of the Sun. Would that be too self-referential?

Also! Because I did not catch this, but it coincidentally came up in another thread on another forum. Yesterday I posted:

The Centurion is, of course, the Superman-equivalent of Mutants and Masterminds Earth-Prime setting, published by Green Ronin. GR Comics is presumably the comics of the Freedom City setting and its heroes. With that in mind, maybe Chris Hemsworth is best known for playing Captain Thunder?


I think all of the other comic companies mentioned are other superhero RPGs.


Oh the number of jokes that can be recycled from Discworld. Like all the “self-inflicted” wounds when some idiots tried to rob a bar when Angua was there…

Angua and Alpha being besties in some weird crossover event is a thing I never knew I needed until you put it into my head.

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Which is odd, because the Sentinels of Earth-Prime character cards have the Castle Comics branding.