Form the Mecha-Sentai?

I just played an old weekly game in the app called “Form the Mecha-Knight”, named after a Mission card in OblivAeon, which features the same five heroes pictured on that Mission.

Since this is happening in the OblivAeon event, it’s no surprise that the Captain Cosmic we see is the Requital version, who just metaphorically buried his brother, “A True Hero In The End”, and likewise, since this is post-Cosmic-Contest, it’s unsurprising that Visionary is her Unleashed self, with Dark Mind expelled from her psyche and now out Psioning…er, Scioning it up.

It’s a little bit strange that Argent Adept here is his Dark Conductor aspect, and not the more recent Prime Wardens promo, but the aforementioned Contest helps explain that. And it’s very strange that Tempest is all the way back to his original card, when he’s been around since the sixties and gone through so many changes…but again, the only other candidate would be his Prime Wardens one, and so if AA isn’t using a promo representing that team, I guess it makes sense for Tempest not to do it either.

But that leaves the final member of the Mecha-Knight pentet, the one whose idea this whole thing obviously was. So why on Vognild Prime is this the normal Void Guard Idealist, and not her Super Sentai promo, when this is obviously the version of Miranda who spends far too much of her non-crimefighting, non-homework time watching Tokusatsu shows?

My guess is that it’s because she would have to split her attention between her base Power and the Mecha-Knight.

I’d also say forming that is what lead to her becoming the Super Sentai version.

Here’s a little thought experiment:
Assuming she’s going for original Mighty Morphin, which Power Ranger does each team member represent?

If we’re going based off energy/aura colors, I’d say:
Visionary Unleashed = pink ranger
Captain Cosmic Requital = yellow (and maybe green) ranger
Dark Conductor Argent Adept = uh, maybe red? AA usually has green magic. I suppose an argument could be made for black here, too.
Void Guard Idealist = blue, from her concepts.
Tempest = you would think blue, but if that’s already taken maybe white?

And yeah, I know green and white weren’t original MMPR. They did show up in the series before it switched to the next iteration, though. Can’t recall what that even was - Zeo?

If you look at the card art the energy coming from his hands is red

Oh yeah, I’m seeing the glowing red Dal Segno on his chest and remembering it now. I know his incap side has red eyes and squeezing blood from his hand grasping Vogel’s Baton. I don’t recall what type of magic that form uses. Is it blood magic? The normal Void-y stuff is green.