Foundry VTT support?

I know there’s a really good character sheet for roll20 (thank you so much to whoever did that) but for those of us who are migrating to other VTT - does anyone know if there’s any modules for Foundry?


I have created and uploaded a character sheet for Foundry.

It can be found here

It currently supports hero, villain, and environment character sheets.

It also supports the hero archetypes divided, form-changer, minion-maker, and modular


Thanks for sharing this, @RabidRaccoon! :smiley:

This is a great mod. Can’t wait to get it running. I did build out all the abilities (while I was bored at work) but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to create it as a compendium which could potentially be shared with others. I’d probably look to improve it anyway as I broke things down into GYRO abilities based on what I saw in each section but then some have ‘take one of the above green abilities as a yellow ability’ that I’d need to account for also.

One thing I did notice was that the Red status for a max health of 36 is calculating it as starting at 12 instead of 13. I think the Roll20 character sheet someone made does the same, so I’m not sure if I’m missing an erratum.

Additionally, there is ‘persistant’ under Bonus/Penalty. And this is minor, but I think I’ll need to remember to point it out to players, that if you update your health and hit Enter/Return it creates an unnamed +1 bonus.

I love this sheet. Is it possible to have stand alone sheets for Lieutenants and Minions that aren’t tied to a scene?

Hey @Rzach,

Coincidentally I started working on that functionality recently. It will likely be the next big update to the sheet. My personal and professional life are a bit busy right now but hopefully it wont take too long to get it out.


Love the minion sheet. I would like to modify the Environment sheet to have an area for Challenges to exist. Can I fork your branch or is this something you plan on adding?

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I love the module. I just found the game and was glad there was already something available for Foundry.

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Which modules do you recommend using with this?

Lancer Initiative looks like a given
Anything else?

I’ve been trying to figure out how the minion sheet works in foundry. Can anyone give me a quick rundown?

Any chance this will get updated to Foundry v11? I use this for most of my games now.