Introducing: The Justifier

Greetings, all; I am the latest hero to step forward and join the battle against those nefarious forces that seek to generally ruin our day. I am “The Justifier”, and I use my power of Narrative Logic to construct plausible-seeming rationales for those parts of certain stories which were… poorly thought out by their original authors.

Have you ever read a comic book, science fiction novel, lore compendium entry in a video game, or the like, and thought: “That doesn’t make any sense!”? I might be able to help, providing you with a more reasonable explanation from an in-setting perspective, as to why exactly it turned out that way, even if the real explanation is “because I’m the author and I said so, now shut up about it”. And if you’ve read such a work and thought “That does feel right, but I can’t explain why”, I may be able to help there too.


Welcome to the community! Glad to have you join us! :smiley:

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Welcome to the Forums, @The_Justifier! Nice shtick!

Thanks; I hope I will actually get the chance to practice it, while also geeking out about this amazing game.