Is This A Reference?

One of Spite’s cards has the flavor text “I won’t be a memory”, which I always thought was a very odd line, one of the few things that seemingly hinted at Spite’s motivations for his murderous vendetta (beyond simply being a serial killer, not that he necessarily needed more than that). So for a long time I really keyed in on that line, but I just became aware of an almost identical line being said by Sephiroth in the video game “Final Fantasy 7”, which I have never played (well, maybe for like two minutes back when it was a demo, but not enough to know the story of it, is the point).

Does anyone know whether C&A have confirmed that this is an intentional reference? If it is just meant to homage a game that they liked, then I probably shouldn’t take it as proving very much about Spite as a character, at least not any more than the quote “You can hide in the sun until you see the light” proves about Apostate’s character. I mean, it works perfectly, but it doesn’t really tell you anything about him that you didn’t already know; this may be the same issue again. I’m a bit disappointed by the apparently abortive nature of my fixation upon that line.

Well, I do recall Adam mentioning playing the Final Fantasy games, so it’s a real possibility.

I, however, also find that line quite interesting.

I think that C&A would have very mixed feelings about humanizing and exploring the motivations an unrepentant monster like spite; I, however, as someone who is deeply invested in the idea that Good and Evil often look like each other, find that understanding the humanity of the most seemingly inhuman person is necessary to avoid becoming just as monstrous as the monsters one fights. (This would be very relevant to someone who wanted to do a good job of writing the Wraith, since it’s been firmly established by the authors that a key aspect of her character is the need for her to avoid becoming just as villainous as the Organization in the process of battling them.) For this and other reasons, I personally identify to some extent with a version of Spite, as best I understand the character as he is presented, and I’m interested in learning how closely my vision of him aligns with that of his creators. (“Not super closely” is the answer I have after having twice listened to his podcast episode, which was very revelatory about what his motivations are, but still doesn’t fully contradict the explanations I invented before hearing this additional info.)