PS4 release

Small companies are notorious for not having backfills ready for key employees. This isn’t necessarily they can do something about, with overall less cash on hand than a bigger company to pay for a deep bench in each needed subject area.

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I will say I agree I personally don’t see it as much of an issue they don’t have more than one person doing a job. They’re a small company, of course they can’t afford a lot of redundancies.

But, I can’t speak for Blackfang, but I still feel it’s a bit of a red flag when a company has a situation of an employee who spent months not delivering on a product then decided to jump ship before finishing said product they already were months late on delivering. That sort of thing doesn’t usually happen at a company with a healthy behind the scenes development situation.

That’s on top of the other unexpected delays in general combined with them providing barely any communication at all on the matters and even then only doing so on their Discord while maintaining radio silence on Steam and KS.

I’ll mostly note that we were told it was in “Final build” along with the Xbox port in June 2020, and the Xbox build got released in October of that year.

So it’s just a bit maddening that, after another 6 months, they were still “working with Sony” to get it released, until suddenly on May 3 they were completely unable to move forward with the port. It makes every update from June on seem… overly optimistic at best.

In related news: I just got my Switch key a bit ago.

And the Switch eShop is under maintenance.

Because of course it is. XD

Not only that, but they’re claiming they somehow can’t still work on putting out a port because Sony won’t accept it, even though I looked and there’s still plenty of games releasing on the PS4 even with the PS5 coming out.

Then the last straw for me was when they said/did nothing while two fans on their server decided to be horrifically toxic and abusive about the idea that anyone could be unhappy. I was extremely upset after that happened and still feel shaken up.

I just feel increasingly unhappy about how Underbite’s handled this game. And again, this from someone who’s quick to be fair when I do feel a company had no control over issues that happened.

I was able to download and play a bit last night.

My first impressions through the prologue and character creation: It definitely gets that “Comic book” feel down.

Character creation has a lot of options, almost too many.

The dialogue choices felt like a good spread of options.

The writing in the game is a lot of fun; Braithwhite really out did himself.

The VA is great as well, though I wish Underbite would add a VA list to the credits.

I was playing it in handheld mode while watching Leverage with my wife, so I can’t speak to the audio aspects.

I’ll look forward to playing it on the tv, after that glowing review, though.

There are no voice acting credits? What is this, the '90’s? For shame.

They do get a little repetitive, and I can’t quite wrap my brain around Unity’s VA, but overall they’re pretty good.

I know, right? One more gripe on the pile. :stuck_out_tongue:

We do know Joe Zieja, of course, and Adam stated on this past LP cover stream that the real life Pete which Setback is based on, actually voiced Setback in SoF.