Sentinel Comics Alphabet

Teach your children the alphabet using their favourite Sentinel Comics characters!

A is for Absolute Zero
B is for Bunker
C is for Captain Cosmic
D is for Doctor Medico
E is for Expatriette
F is for Fanatic
G is for Guise
H is for Haka
I is for The Idealist
J is for Jansa Vi Dero
K is for K.N.Y.F.E.
L is for Legacy
M is for Mister Fixer
N is for Nightmist
O is for Omnitron-X
P is for Parse
Q is for Quetzalcoatl
R is for Ra
S is for Setback
T is for Tachyon
U is for Unity
V is for The Visionary
W is for The Wraith
X is for Xander Groovitation*
Y is for Young Legacy
Z is for Zhu Long

*Previously the Xtremeverse.

I don’t really think you want to mention the Xtremeverse to little kids…


Well, it’s the only thing for X I could think of! ; )

Xander Groovitation? :notes::sunglasses:


Oh yes, it absolutely needs to be Xander Groovitation.

Though he’s not exactly kid-friendly either. XD

Alright, it’s done!