Something fun about Guise

This is statistically improbable enough that there might well be some players who haven’t heard about it, and I thought it was worth sharing. If you play Where Did I Leave That? to draw two cards, and both of them are Best Card Ever!, you get a message of Guise saying “I swear I didn’t stack the deck!”

(I am a little disappointed that the “woo!” part is mandatory though, as I know people in real life who, at least if they didn’t have a card they really wanted to play, would have refused to do something that undignified at the game table. So the app ought to allow you to pretend you’re one of those people by skipping the little cartoon that pops up, instead of just skipping the resulting card play. I think that’s officially the most petty complaint I’ll ever make on the Internet…)


Oh, but you can! Swipe down while his arms are raised, and you get a little “awww…” and play moves on :smiley:



Hah, I had no idea. Count me in the pile of people who have never gotten that animation, and thanks for sharing!

Attempting to play Guise with dignity? These people must be new. :V

Another fun one is that if you play all three Retcons in a row, Guise will say “Really playing it fast and loose with the timestream there pal…”

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