Updating some old Tech Support

I’m looking to understand how this information…

…has changed in the wake of the most recent Android update (or possibly the one before that, if they’ve been coming thick and fast across the past six months). I followed these steps in September and it worked, but now in the wake of the latest update, when I go to “Internal Storage > Android > data”, it tells me “there’s nothing here”. So, the last time I played a game (a little over a week ago), did it save the log somewhere else, or has it stopped creating logs?

It might be significant that not only did Android update, but so did the Sentinels app (it currently uses the picture of Baron Blade from his Letters Page episode as the thumbnail for the app, when before it was a different picture of blade, probably the one from the Enhanced Edition cover). I’ve not played the app once since I noticed that my log was inaccessible, hoping that it can still be recovered, as it was a game where I nearly won and then lost randomly at the last minute, so I can recreate the fumbled victory if I exactly follow every step in the log until the last turn…but if the log isn’t there, then I’m stuck playing again from scratch, and it was a tough enough fight to make that unappealing.

I asked over on Discord to those in Realm of Discord and this was the reply I got:

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I don’t think anything has been moved; rather, Android updates have made the default file manager useless for this purpose by eliminating its ability to display files within the Android folder. I use a third party file manager on my phone, and can locate the log file right where it always has been.

Which one?

I use X-plore from https://www.lonelycatgames.com/

You may need to give the app special permissions to access the Android folder due to security changes in Android 11; seems like the problem with the default file manager is that it has no way to grant those permissions.

Yeah, me not being willing to grant total blanket permission to an unfamiliar app is why I ever posted this thread. If I was willing to take a risk like that, I would have just used the first app I downloaded back when I first noticed this problem. But I only want to be able to read the file, not delete it, so none of the apps I’ve tried were acceptable.

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You probably had previously been using an app that had lots of blanket permissions. You just became aware of that fact after Android re-jiggered their permissions requests to be more descriptive at a granular level.

Have you tried plugging your phone into a PC via USB cable, choosing the option on the phone to let the PC see your phone as a data storage device, and then using Windows File Explorer to navigate your phone’s file system and find the log?

(Windows File Explorer, of course, will have permission to add, modify, and delete files on your phone. And you won’t be asked if you’re okay with that.)

Here is another workaround idea: write yourself an email in the Gmail app, and attach a file. In the triple-bar menu on the left of the screen for choosing the attachment, choose your phone. You can navigate the file system and attach your game log. Then send yourself the email and view the text file.

I did plug in the phone, but my computer didn’t detect it as a device. I did not know I needed to tell it to do so from within the phone

This probably would have worked, if not for the aforementioned issue that this update apparently made the folder I’m looking for invisible; it simply doesn’t appear in the list of available destinations that you can upload a file from. Every app I’ve tried has insisted that the Handelabra folder doesn’t exist, that the Data folder it should have been in is empty. Either this update deleted the folder or it made it hidden, and offers me no way of viewing hidden folder contents. Either way, it did this for no damn reason, and the inevitable conclusion is that I was right to never download the Android update for six months, and wrong to ever reverse that policy.

I understand your reluctance to grant such rights to some app you found online; the only option I can offer is to find such an app that you can trust, whether by reputation or what have you, so you can give it the necessary capability. The Android updates seem to have stripped their natives apps of the ability to access those folders no matter what permissions are given to them.