Weekly Challenge #321 - "Digital Chrysalis"

Unsurprising that they went for a pretty easy match after all those Ultimates. Anytime I have Visionary against Omnitron, it’s almost certain to be a Mint, and this was no exception. A few rough plays did seem to fulfill the promise of the flavor text, but overall it was nothing a high-powered team like this couldn’t handle. Eager to have a more challenging battle again next week maybe.

This was quick and fun and gave me an excuse to stream for the first time in weeks. :slight_smile:

Pretty straightforward mint - Tech Singularity luckily came out before the team had much equipment in play, many drones got shredded, and even Electro Pulse Explosive could only sit around looking scary with three Hypersonic Assaults in Tachyon’s hand.
Courtesy of Ra, the heroes were immune to fire damage for most of the game, blunting many of the environment’s dangers, but limiting the Sun God’s options. Haka pounded on things with great gusto, and Visionary mostly rooted around in everyone’s hands trying to get them set up for victory.
My storybook ending would have been a Wrest The Mind on one of the EPEs, with Visionary protected by her Cocoon or Ra’s Flesh Of The Sun God/Imbued Fire - but ran out of ways to stall before i got the cards to pull it off, and had to settle for redirecting all that lovely damage back on its source(s) with a WtM and Tachyon’s Synaptic Interruption. T did finally draw a Lightspeed Barrage to finish off Omnitron himself, and Ra slagged the last device with a Fire Blast.

One thing I was very careful about in my game was to finish the last Drone first and then Omnitron, even though this was slightly suboptimal, because I didn’t want to get the “you haven’t won yet” popup message for no real reason a split-second before the game end. Those popups are exciting when they actually matter, but that’s not something the computer knows how to arbitrate.

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