Weekly One-Shot #285: The New Age

Help stop Skinwalker Gloomweaver from breaking into Gravehold! Wait, I mean the Realm of Discord! Dark Watch Nightmist, Argent Adept, Dark Watch Harpy, and Bloodmage Lifeline stand ready to close the Breach!

Good luck Heroes!

Exclamation points!


Mint, with everyone up and somewhere above 10 except for Lifeline because he blew up the last round. Although he almost didn’t, getting down to 1-2 hit points at least 3 times during the game, mostly through a Swift Summoning putting a Cosmic Immolation into play, me keeping it for the round, then a Cursed Acolyte coming out and trouncing him >.<

Besides desperately trying to keep Lifeline alive as he’s the main source of damage, it was a fairly normal Skinwalker fight. Trying to keep his adds under control, get set up, flip him when ready, then beat him down fast. Nightmist in Mist Form is always a decent idea, especially once he’s flipped. He will eventually eat himself and she can’t be touched. By the time he did flip, Lifeline had every equipment and ongoing (besides Cosmic Immolation, because owch) out and over 20 cards under the detonator. Gloomweaver didn’t survive beyond 2 rounds once flipped.


Made two terrible mistakes on my first run, which left me so close to victory I could taste it.

First, I accidentally top-decked too much area damage, which resulted in my early strategy of “redirect ethereal bonds from Nightmist to Gloomweaver to shut him down” collapsing at the worst possible moment, right before Gloomweaver picked up Strength of the Grave and then killed two of his own cultists to rapid-play more things at my face.

Then, with everyone but Nightmist dead, I sacrificed Master of Magic to the Drum of Despair to try and keep her HP up, only to realize very soon afterwards that I’d misremembered Lifeline’s incap and I couldn’t destroy equipment for cards, only Ongoings. This left Nightmist without the +5 cards I had been hoping for.

At the very end of the game, Gloomweaver blasted himself down to 4 HP, then hit Nightmist for 5 damage and killed her. She had the Amulet of the Elder Gods out and a single card in her hand, so one more card and she would have killed him instead…

Near Mint, after getting drunk on the power of two stacked Cosmic Immolations…

Second time around everything went right to trample Gloomy - between Applied Numerology, Counterpoint Bulwark, and Terminarch’s Casing I was able to keep a Cosmic Immolation in play, making Lifeline an absolute monster. For the last round I went all out and played a second Immolation.

So. Much. Damage.


itty bitty HP pool…

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I may be experimenting right now with ways of redirecting or otherwise offsetting that drawback… :smiling_imp:

First attempt was a wash. Everything was going fine until Imbued Vitality came out the round he flipped and summoned two Profane Zealots and two Cursed Acolytes. He killed all my stuff and there was no recovering from that. :frowning:

Second attempt made it in! I won’t say it was anxiety-free, but once I passed the point of no return from my last game, it was actually quite easy. And all that changed was I was able to use Nightmist to bounce a Portal Fiend’s damage into the Cursed Acolyte the turn Imbued Vitality came out. (He got played on someone else’s turn.) Then it’s no trouble to soak the 4 damage and blow up the environment card with Argent Adept!

Mint here, after a super long game! Turtled my way through the entire environment deck once, with Gloomy still on the skinwalker side (albeit at 1-3 HP for a while). Don’t know why I felt the need to destroy both Ethereal Bonds at first, but luckily they showed back up immediately after the shuffle. Then it was just keep Nightmist at the highest HP with plenty of cards in hand to redirect to Gloomy and nullify his damage on the flip side. Poor ol’ rotten god didn’t get to hurt anything!