Weekly One-Shot #305 - "Nexus of Wildfire"

Congrats and thanks to Logicdolphin (not that I know who that is) for this awesome weekly. I dunno if this person simply suggested which decks would be fun to use, or if they went further and picked the order of Dawn and the Nexus’ plays, but the amount of fire and cold flying around seemed to have maybe been deliberate. Absolute Zero is sad he missed it.

A fairly close shave this time; I managed to stabilize just before I stated losing heroes. A lucky Hypersonic Assault let me get rid of Sweat and Truth without retaliation, just before the end. My first turn Timeshift into Dual Crowbars was huge, though I shouldn’t have even bothered killing Hammer until Return with the Dawn went down, which was a while. I missed my chance at a Driving Mantis to throw Magma’s 2-point Rage at Dawn, the one time when that was possible, but I did capitalize on it quite a bit later, including a Sonic Vortex thanks to Applied Numerology. (Dark Watch Harpy is fast becoming among my twelve or so favorite heroes to play!)

First try was a wash, but the kind where I never felt like I wasn’t in control of the situation. I just watched my team’s HP dwindle until it was suddenly gone, and I have no real idea of what might be done better in this case.

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Mint with everyone around 10 at the end.

First turn Reset into Technological Advancement into Elemental Exochassis helped tank the plentiful fire damage flying around, and a follow up Reactive Plating meant Omni was dealing decent damage as well. Tachyon milled her deck to get ready for Lightspeeds and ongoing destruction and Harpy did a lot of token flipping once she got Harpy Hex out to also deal damage. Mr. Fixer tried to do something with Driving Mantis but it never really went anywhere. The Dual Crowbars did work though.


Second try was an easy Near Mint, and all it took was that first-turn Reset. I knew I should have done that! Always Reset when you have the chance, let that be a lesson to you!


“Have you tried turning the device off and on again?”


Damage prevention and mitigation was key in keeping the heroes alive long enough to defeat Dawn; a first round Elemental Exochassis and second round Flock’s Care helped blunt damage from Citizens Hammer, Assault, and of course, Dawn herself, allowing the team to concentrate their efforts on bringing her down before dropping enough lesser Citizens to make her flip. Omnitron-X tanked a lot of Elemental damage, eliminated Citizen Truth with a Defensive Blast, and helped get everyone else’s cards into play, Harpy got Harpy Hex and Applied Numerology into play, and plinked away at her targets of choice, Tachyon Experimented on herself and got off a timely Hypersonic Assault to shut down the villains’ damage for another round, and got off a 10-point Lightspeed Barrage, and Mr. Fixer’s Dual Crowbars allowed him to whack a secondary target first, then double dip on its damage bonus, along with the bonuses for Grease Monkey Fist and the more-helpful-than-annoying-for-a-change Taiga, to pummel Dawn until finishing her off with an Overdrive.

How did you get the Defensive Blast off against Truth? Did you go irreducible with Riveting Crane, or was there a +1 damage somewhere?

When were you all even seeing Truth? The last I remember Dawn playing was Channel the Eclipse before she went down. There may have been a Blinding Blast after that, but I don’t recall the entire card order. Don’t think I saw any Citizens beyond Hammer, Sweat, and Assault, though.

Sounds like my game was similar to A-Kat’s, everyone at 9-10 HP except Harpy when she elementally lashed herself down to 4.

I saw Truth in my first game. And given that I was never able to drop any ongoings, Channel the Eclipse may have had something to do with that!

No, I wasn’t going to allow that to stand! Every card she plays is one step closer to THAT card, so I had O-X dart her (just like the card art!) to remove Channel the Eclipse and Return with the Dawn. Then I wiped out the underlings so they wouldn’t come back.

Name of the game was basically give all the plays to Tachyon via Timeshift, Swift Summoning, and Experiment. Once her trash filled up, she did one big punch and it was nearly over from there!


Don’t recall for certain, and I’ve started another game since so my log is gone :frowning: but I know Taiga Burning Bright was boosting the fire and ice damage at least, and Truth had already been softened up a good bit by then.

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