Weekly One-Shot #309 - Dream Vacation

Always a rough fight when the Dreamer is around, but I managed a narrow Mint, resisting the impulse to Undo a couple of minor tactical errors. Lost Sky-Scraper as a result of tanking in a round where Dreamy decided to play both Dark Hero and Night Terrors (with a few Primordial Seeds out for extra overkill). Then two Granite Oni cut Akash’Thriya down to 4 HP, she got out the Tree which healed them both to 5, but another Night Terrors meant they both died. She was completely worthless while dead, and Skyscraper’s Huge incap was useless, so her first incap turn was just shifting to Normal size, which I picked blindly over Tiny, not knowing which would work better. However, being able to “put into play” a card was crucial for the game-ending turn; Lifeline was Whipacorned, so it was all up to Expat, but she was super well set up from phase 1 of the game, when she hadn’t needed to kill anything and thus was just stockpiling guns and ammo for the endgame. Playing Unload on Sky’s turn let her polish off the last two Projections, just netting us the win. A fun challenge to take on after sitting out last week, and the Maerynian Refuge music kept me very chilled out all the way through.

Whew! Second time was the charm. I lost both Expat and Akash (you’re right, her incaps are worthless!), but Lifeline and Sky-Sky were all I needed to get the last Projection kill! :slight_smile:

Another weird wrinkle on this one is that the Squall-Guard is usually a friend to the heroes, but in this match he becomes a must-kill, since he hits the Dreamer twice while bouncing off the Advanced armor of her projections. Sky threw him once, but it took me far too long to get around to it, in large part because I was saving the two Thorathian Monoliths for phase 2 (and then died after playing just one of them).

Yeah, that was the first thing I realized once I noticed what the environment was. Sky-Scraper was again really useful. If you can’t use her big power to toss the guards at Projections, you can neuter them with her Links. :slight_smile:

Had a pretty comfortable mint on this one. Spent a long time getting set up and playing basically all of Lifeline’s ongoings and equipment cards. Did the same with all of Akash’s ongoings to have something to blow up when I eventually decided to flip The Dreamer.

Lifeline was pretty much the MVP of the match, blowing up any problem environments, giving out multiple card draws and removing troublesome projections from the board. Skyscraper went down near the end of the game and her giant incap side was mostly useful for the -2 damage from enviro cards just to prevent any mishaps that may have came my way just as I was going for the win.

Mint with the heroes at 3/8/16/11.
I played it very carefully, but I left the Superheated Waterspout and two Squall-Guards in play. The squall guards I put Aggression Modulators on so they hit the projections while redirecting the damage from Dreamer meant they did nothing to the heroes. The waterspout I kept in play to hit the dreamer to keep her from doing damage for several rounds. I only really felt comfortable doing that because Akash’Flora’s healing can target the dreamer so I could keep her up.

Otherwise Expat did work with her shotgun to get through the reduced damage, Akash healed and played Strangling Roots to reduce damage from Dreamer or the Arachnoids, Sky tanked or searched for useful links, and Lifeline didn’t do much out of fear of blowing up the Dreamer by accident :stuck_out_tongue:

*Edit Random extra thought, by the time I had 8 projections under Dreamer, I decided to get the rest that I could and ended up with 11 under, so overkill on a boss that you can’t damage XD

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The scene writes itself…

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Mint, with just a little peril, as the Dreamer and her Granite Onis took down Expatriette and Akash in the final round. The main bright spot villain-wise was the absence of Dark Heroes in the deal. I was not strategic in preparation for the flip, but all’s well that ends well!

Expat dealt respectable damage with Tactical Shotgun and Assault Rifle, despite never seeing much in the way of ammo cards. Akash’Thriya mostly reduced incoming damage, removed unwanted environmental complications, and healed the team. Lifeline dealt decent damage of his own and helped everyone get more options in their hands, and SkyScraper used Compulsion Canisters to bypass much of front side Dreamer’s damage reduction and helped control environment damage. It was also amusing to give a Strangling Roots the chance to assist with Catch A Ride, though its damage was unboosted at the time.

In the final round Lifeline pulled out the stops with Cosmic Immolation and Nordidian Sulph-Axe, with Expat’s incap ability to add the bonus damage that took down one Oni, putting the eighth and final card under Dreamer - and as i hoped, the Axe’s secondary all-non-hero damage effect was not triggered by the added projectile damage.

An exciting fight, challenging but not frustratingly so.

First thing I did in my game was play Tactical Shotgun to kill the Ape, which then killed the Shotgun. it took me forever to get it back. I might not have minded losing Expat (especially if I could have kept Akash), but thanks to Flak Jacket, she had more HP than most of the party, so she was one of the survivors, and usually ended up having to do all the damage, because Lifeline’s Terminarmor kept his HP high enough that he was consistently Whipacorned.