Weekly One-Shot #326: School Trip

You must be insanely good at this game if you literally always win on the first try. Has the game become less fun for you as a result of being THAT efficient at beating it? Personally I find that losing sometimes is part of the joy of winning other times; I often wish certain matches (not the last couple, but several of those before them) were a bit harder than they are.

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I’m pretty good at the game, but I don’t always win on the first try. If I don’t, I try again (or again) or change up the decks.

Generally I don’t think it’s fair to post a one-shot that I didn’t win on the first try, because there’s an off chance that the deck ordering made the game actually unwinnable (or near enough).

I play Sentinels every week on the tabletop and often on digital. Hasn’t become less fun yet!