Weekly One-Shot #342: Glorious Nation of Mordengrad

Get ready to dance with a goat until the Moon crashes into the Earth! Ultimate Baron Blade on his home turf vs. Greatest Legacy, PW Captain Cosmic, Lifeline, and SADmark.

Mint with healthy HP totals, but don’t let that fool you. Here’s a peek behind the curtain at the end.

Good job, Benchmark! You just barely saved the Earth from a lunar collision!

I got absolutely trashed twice in a row. No idea what the right order of events to survive this nonsense is. My better result had Blade at 19 HP at the end, and the worse one had him flip the turn before I died.

I have played this probably six times, and I haven’t the foggiest idea how it’s beatable. I can barely even flip him!

I got it on my second attempt, but should’ve done it on my first. The biggest key really was giving Benchmark a bunch of powers so he could trigger Onboard Cooling Systems as much as possible.

Yeah, all extra powers from Legacy to Benchmark. And Augmented Ally, etc. if you can do that, too. I had him Shunt Energy as much as possible, and used Multi-Point HUD at start of turn to boost that and the Inferno Missiles. Lifeline mostly served to destroy environment cards. I should’ve kept the first Device Assembly Line out for a turn, though. I would have avoided the Flesh-Repair Nanites on the front side that way and not cut it so close.

I think I attempted that, it doesn’t actually work. If I recall correctly, there are 2 Hasten Dooms in a row that get discarded the turn the second Assembly Line gets out.

Eh, neither lasted beyond the round they were played for me. Would’ve brought out a second Defense Platform if I didn’t discard. I had to deal with BB healing back to max on the front, but I heaped on the damage after that and finally won the race.

I have no idea how you guys are getting this to work. I give Benchmark all the powers, he keeps blowing up his setup at the start of his turn and doesn’t put out enough damage, even with an Autonomous Blade, to ultimately make a difference. I certainly never once saw the missile launcher in all these attempts. Not to mention he wrecked the Blade Battalions, that I was very specifically trying to leave in play, with Countermeasures.

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I specifically avoided Countermeasures for that reason. I pinged the Battalions down to 1-3 HP and left them alone. I think I tried to have Legacy redirect and keep the Autonomous Blade in play, but it was more damage than I wanted him to take. I remember giving Lifeline his armor and Cosmic Immolation and letting him do some damage blowing up environment targets and zapping with lightning at the end of his turn. The fire/cold/lightning redirecting gauntlet came out at some point, so I had to spend a second destroying that before I could finish off BB. I could try to go back and replay to see if I can recreate my victory or do better. I’m not sure I know how to record on my desktop, though.

Finally got a Fine out of it; the key for me was giving Legacy enough card draws to find and play both Take Down cards in the first and second round, slowing the Baron’s doomsday clock just enough to come out on top.

But when he’s got no damage-dealing powers and keeps flipping them off the top of his deck, what do? D: At one point, I had both copies out!

Went back and tried it this way. Legacy power to Lifeline, draw to Legacy, then Lifeline’s turn, power, draw to Legacy. Blade didn’t get to heal this way, but he got his force field which was even more annoying on the flip side until Lifeline blew it up. Ended up with slightly less HP totals and still 16 in the trash. Lifeline got to deal more damage this way with his Ax and Immolation. Oh, and Countermeasures did accidentally trigger for me once, but Blade was so close to beaten by then it didn’t matter a lot.

P.S. Back-to-back Take Downs skipped two Hasten Dooms. I destroyed both Device Assembly Lines ASAP. Suffer the walking tank to remain in play. Don’t make my same mistake and think it plays an environment card when destroyed. It’s a villain card, which could get really nasty.

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Near Mint. I dont know if it is possible to win without Take Down on turns 1 and 2. I was able to flip him with about 13 cards in trash so i got a few extra turns to deal with his flip because he losses the 2 card discard effect once flipped. On the turn i flipped him he had 1 hp and Benchmark ran out of damage so i ended up using his last power on Threat Neutralizer to destroy the Baron with 1 HP. I like the idea of the good Baron getting a brain zap and becoming more powerful because of it.

You can win without leading with double Take Downs. That’s how I got my Mint. I used one with about 12-13 in the trash, and I think that’s when I flipped him too. I must’ve gotten lucky that game, because Benchmark got almost his complete loadout. He was my main damage dealer.

Got the Fine at last with this strat. @_@ The thing I forgot was once you flip him, he stops filling his trash. Still dangerous, but it gives you a lot more time to work on him as long as nothing else is discarding from decks.

I ended with everyone over 10 HP and only 13 cards in the trash. :wink:


Forgot to go back and play this the weekend it came out, so accidentally this can only be Good. But not on the first try, because I utterly failed, leaving the Baron still at 6 HP on Doomsday.

Edit: okay that’s better.

No real secret to this win. I thought about leaving every villain and environment card out, in the hopes that double Device Assembly Lines combined with a Severed Leyline and some other environment stuff could take Blade from 14 cards at the start of his turn all the way through to a reshuffle (the glorious war production engine of Mordengrad turning out to be a little too efficient for the Baron’s taste). But that was the longshot bet, so I just went for the easy solution of destroying each Assembly Line with Discharge Lifeforce, while Benchmark did most of the damage with Shunt Energy X2. Legs accidentally wound up tanking for lack of anything better to do, and CC was kinda pathetic, only usefully using a Power once all game.