2021 ENNIE AWARDS Winners announced!

Sentinel Comics: The Role Playing Game was nominated for six separate categories, along with one nomination for The Letters Page, and one for Best Publisher.

Unfortunately, SC:RPG did not win any of its categories, but that doesn’t take away from it being an award-nominated game!

The Letters Page IS an Award Winning Podcast, taking the Silver ENNIE 2021 Medal! Congratulations!

And for Best Publisher, over 200 companies were nominated, and Greater Than Games came in the Top 6 in fan votes! WotC and Chaosium were up there as well, so GTG is in good company.

Congratulations again to everyone at GTG, for their Award Nominated Game, their Award Winning Podcast, and their Award Nominated Company!


Whoo hoo!

Congratulations to GTG, and thanks to everyone who voted!

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