4 year anniversary of sentinel tactics broken city preorder this month

Hey all,

This month is the 4 year anniversary of Sentinel Tactics Broken City kickstarter. I know things haven’t gone as planned but super stroked for Prime War and to see how GTG improved the scenario game play. Never cared for the 3v3 battles. Curious if we will get a nice update this month on it?

Possible but I imagine most of the focus is getting ready for the RPG KS near the end of the month.  

true. And sadly probably won’t get rpg because no one to play it with unless I just want it to read.

FYI Lore Forge Games has an update today.


I was able to check it out at PAX Unplugged. It is quite different, but looking really good. We tried the coop version and had a lot of fun. It was all in print and play components but hopefully we can see some stuff soon.

Hmm, sounds promising! Not a lot of specific gameplay details, but it does sound like it has lot of potential. I’m looking forward to that co-op mode.

Coop is pretty fun. From what I remember, every character has innate skills and a unique deck of cards. The card played will determine things such as movement, attack area, damage, etc. as well as play order as cards had 5 (i think) levels of speed that would determine the order players take their turn (reminds me a little bit of Gloomhaven). After a card is played, it has a value associated with it (1-3) depending how powerful it is. This number determines where it is placed on a refresh track. Each turn it advances on the track before returning to your hand. More powerful cards can thus be used less frequently.

An AI villain deck determines villain and mob movement (I think there may also have been a dice involved). Those cards are each drawn on your turn to determine enemy movement and attacks.

Overall, the game is fun. I was able to play some Apostate during a prison riot with guards and prisoners swarming the area and us trying to find an artifact and escape. It was fun and strategic as we really needed to conserve cards and play carefully to ensure we were able to hit hard when we needed to and run fast when needed. Also had to work as a team to avoid splash damage from attacks as many hit a zone indiscriminately.

Super secret inside info: Christopher and Chris Burton are in the playtesting room working on Prime War *right now*!



Keep refreshing the page, they'll be trapped there forever.

And The Letters page will become just Adam telling stories.

Or them just narrating the Prime War game as they're playing it.

...which would actually not be the worst idea for an episode, especially on video.


I played it at Gencon and had a blast. Pretty much ended up haunting their table during my free time.


Frankly, the automated enemiies for co-op is the biggest joy for me. I have a hard time finding people willing to play PvP more than once, but the co-op of this game should net me a stable amount of play. Especially with how interesting some of the interactions can be (being next to your teammates actually has benefits! Usually)