A couple awesome games

Had an epic victory against nigh impossible odds last night, and then another super memorable game today, both of them being old Weekly games, both involving one or more losses followed by a win, and both against Challenge mode versions of villains with highly variable difficulty.

Game 1 - “Complete Recollection”

Ultimate Cosmotron is a nightmare, even against a party as strong as this one - multiple hits for 7 or 9 damage from the starting components, and then if he flips to Dropship side, his innate lasers will devastate the whole party in short order. Keeping everyone alive is basically impossible; you can buy time with Throat Jab, Hypersonic Assault, and Ground Pound, but it’s only a matter of time until some heroes go down.

Your one advantage in the match is the ability to put Cosmotron in a loop by combining the very powerful incap abilities of Horus Ra (first to give him back a single Interpolation Beam to keep him on side 1, and then return Technological Singularity to top of deck each round) and Freedom Six Wraith (to return Adaptive Plating Subroutine from play to top of deck every round, causing it to “forget” what damage type it last made Omnitron immune to). With this loop in place, the big bug is rendered completely harmless, apart from Interpolation damage, as long as you have no Equipment in play, and limit yourself to dealing no more than 6 damage per round (or 5 if there are still Fires in the Biosphere left in the Environment deck).

In my first game, I tried to keep Tachyon alive after everyone else died, but I hadn’t figured out the loop yet, and anyway she was still vulnerable to Interpolation damage, so burning through her deck to reach the Lightspeed Barrages wasn’t happening. (Plus this version of Haka was useless while incapacitated.) So for the rematch, I instead kept Haka alive, thinking this was suicidal due to Adaptive Plating with him basically only ever doing melee damage, but at least figuring he could stay alive while I figured something out, possibly involving putting 97 points of Haka of Battle bonus damage into a single attack. That ended up not working out; Ta Moko made him mostly immune to Interpolation, but every once in a while, Villainous Weaponry would force him to play a Rampage, lest the immense amount of card drawing he was getting out of triple Dominion might prove fatal.

It took me two full reshuffles of the Environment deck, and one of Omnitron’s (I lost track of how many times Haka shuffled his deck, since he usually had it in his hand), but eventually I was able to put Omnitron into his FOR NEXT loop, heal Haka to full, and dry-fire Savage Mana for Haka of Battle damage enough times to destroy the robot. Apparently, cosmically super-charged military-industrial technology is just no match for a guy in a bio-dome with a lifetime supply of canned beans. :rofl:

Game 2 - “Oh Capitan, Mi Capitan!”

I would have titled this match “Seize the Moment”, because that’s exactly what La Capitan will do if given the chance. You have about six rounds to get her killed before the Pillars of Hercules will give her two bonus plays, and if she gets another turn after that, she chains two Motley Crews into a Raiding Party, literally bringing back ALL the Crew she started the game with and then some, followed by a double Temporal Thief that makes her B-side basically unkillable.

The first time I fought her, I was completely blindsided, but my second attempt had reduced her to TWO HP, before that uber-mega-turn of doom helped her bounce back up to about 30 while slaughtering us all. In the third attempt, I fought just a little harder, taking a few draw-2 turns to avoid running out of steam on turn 4 or so, and managed to destroy her at the Pillars just in the nick of time (so to speak). I’ve probably never seen a clearer-cut case of “we need to hurry up and win before we lose”, and thus this game made a nice contrast with the infinite stalling grind of the other one.