A Diversity of Spirits Play Experiences

Has anyone played with the A Diversity of Spirits Scenario? How did it go? Any memorable experiences? It certainly seems like it would shake the game up quite a bit. How much more difficult was it? It definitely seems very different compared to all the other Scenarios.

We’re probably going to be playing it “in spirit” this coming Saturday on Spirit Island Saturday!

I really hate that kind of thing. I find rules like that needlessly restrictive and completely against the spirit of cooperation in gameplay. :confused: I even ignore them in actual game rules, nevermind extra scenarios.

Is “Spirit Island Saturday” something I should know about, or is it just a little thing with your gaming group?

Fair enough; I can see your point. I haven’t formed an opinion of the Scenario, as I have not yet played it.

MigrantP is (I believe) head programmer at Handelabra Games, who made the Spirit Island App. They run streams on their YouTube channel, showing off stuff from their various apps. “Spirit Island Saturdays” is self-explanatory at that point…

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Also I mostly play solo, and being unable to communicate with yourself is very :V

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Spirit Island Saturday is a regular show on our Handelabra Games Twitch channel, here: Twitch

It’s every Saturday at 2 pm Eastern time, with a rotating cast of players. The main regulars are myself (lead developer at Handelabra Games), LogicDolphin (who also streams for us on Mondays), and Seamus (who also streams for us on Fridays). We often have @jffdougan on as well, and various special guests.

You can check out the archive on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGPBmjNUB43jHzGOPJLHsQ9F7AkF3SNKh


Thanks, for clearing that up. Yeah, I really should’ve figured so.

An excellent point! ; )

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