A few questions after first session

Hello everyone,

we finally had our first session today (with me as the GM) and it was a blast. There were, however, a few questions that came up, mostly regarding specifc abilities:

  • The red ability Purification says: “Remove all bonuses and penalties from the scene.”
    How does this interact with boosts or hinders that are ongoing effects from existing challenges, like “Hostage Situation” from the Megalopolis environment? It seems rather overpowered to be able to completely negate one (or more) challenges that would usually require several overcomes to remove with just one ability, even if it is red.

  • The yellow ability “reflexive burst” says “When your personal zone changes, Attack all close enemy targets…”
    Since this is yellow, can it be used when your personal zone changes from green to yellow? Or would it trigger while you’re still green and can’t be used then? I ruled it is the first, but I could see it being the other way around.

I’ll probably post more questions as I think of them.

Reflexive Burst means when your heroes Health moves them from Green to Yellow, you can trigger it. When their Health moves from Yellow to Red, they can trigger it. When their Health moves from Red to Yellow (healing up) they can trigger it. When it moves from Yellow to Green, they can trigger it as long as the scene itself is in the Yellow or Red zone.

(Reply written without actual text in front me, grain of salt, mea culpa if I got it wrong)

That’s up to GM discretion, but it’s also a Red Zone ability. They are intentionally somewhat absurd. I’d personally make the decision based on the narration used with Purification in the situation.

Yes, because it responds to you ‘changing zones’. If your zone changes from green to yellow, Reflexive Burst checks and says ‘hey, you changed zones’. Thus, you can use it when your personal zone drops from green to yellow.

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