A question about Challenges for the opposition

Hi guys. I have a doubt on how Challenges are created for the enemies of the Heroes.
The imply that enemies also have to Overcome Challenges; for example, Minions and Lieutenants may sacrifice themselves to Overcome.
What is unclear to me is how this Challenges are created. Naturally there may be Environment and Scene that affect the opposition too, but is more theoretical than practical, since this Challenges are created to engage the Heroes not the villains.

This leaves one other way to create Challenges for the opposition, and that naturally is Hero created Challenges. Unfortunately, I hare been unable to find the rules detailing how Heroes can create these Challenges. Am I missing them or is there actually no way for a Hero to create a Challenge?

As far as I can tell, the GM has to make these challenges themselves, allowing the villains room to cause twists in pursuit of their goals.

If nothing else, once a scene, a villain can overcome to advance the scene tracker. That’s pretty easy.

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Villains can also Overcome to accelerate a Doomsday Device or use it as a means of getting rid of penalties which is the closest a hero would come to making a hero challenge.

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Okay. Overcomes vs Hinders. I never looked at that eule from the opposition point of view. This makes sense. And not having Heroes creating Challenges definitely makes the GM’s life easier.
Thanks for the clarification.