A question about Mods

Hi guys. I have some doubts about how to apply Mods to a roll.
The rules state that the Mod is applied to the result dice, and this is quite straightforward when dealing with the result die of a Basic Action.
But how do you apply Mods to an Ability that creates multiple result dice?

For example, let’s assume the active Hero has four Mods (+1, +2, +3 and +4) for a total of +10. None of them are Exclusive and all narratively apply to the situation.
Our Hero uses one of his Abilities – one made up for the sake of the example – that states:
“Make an Attack using [Power] with the Max die, Boost with the Mid die, Hinder with the Min die and Defend until the start of your next turn with the Max+Min dice.”

How do you apply the Mods:
A) Does the full +10 Mod go only to the first result (Attack)?
B) Does the full +10 Mod go to each of the three result dice and therefore the Mod is doubled for the Defend effect?
C) Does the full +10 Mod goes to each of the effects (not the dice) and therefore the Mod for the Defend effect remains +10?
D) Does the player have to choose only one effect that will benfit from the full +10 Mod, while all other effects will use the face value of the respective dice?
D) Does the player have to assign each of his Mods to the various effects (not dice) as he prefers? So if he assign +5 to the Attack effect (Max die) and +5 the the Hinder effect (Min die) the Defend effect will not benefit of any Mod.
E) As above, but the Mods are assigned to the dice and not to the effect; this way the Attack and Hinder effects will get a +5 bunus and the Defend will benefit from a +10
F) Or maybe some other way to apply the Mods that I have not quite figuring out?

You have to declare which Mods you are using before you roll. You can then apply each individual Mod to each effect - not the die roll before it is applied to an effect. Thus, in your example, a die is applied to two effects. The Mod would only apply to one of the effects.

However, this specific situation is admittedly vague in the rules and I’ve seen it applied differently.

It does seem that the majority of questions on here are about applying Mods. : /

Thanks. That makes perfect sense and is the way we’ve been applying Mods at our gaming table until now, But the point was argued upon. It is good to see the approach we’re using is correct.
Still, maybe an official clarification somewhere would be appropriate.

It would help if the rulebook actually stated any of this thoroughly and correctly, despite plenty of feedback on the matter before it went to press. And an official FAQ would be welcome, too.

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My reading of it would be D. You pick each mod, and apply it to the effects that you are using.

The only reason to specify that though is a situation like where you described, where all of the dice are being used, and there is a two die combo as well. Normally, it would amount to adding them to the dice, because you rarely are using the same die for two different effects.

My reading has been that a mod apply to an effect die, and all effects that are tied to that particular die are modified. So you would split them up between your Max die, your Mid die, and your Min die before you roll.

However, it is also important to note that mods are not just numbers floating in a void. They are tied to things that exist in the fiction of the scene such as “Massive sword” or " reckless rage" and if the action you are trying to do would not benefit from the mod you are using, it does not apply. So while a “reckless rage” bonus might apply to your Max die attack since you are rushing in and punching with reckless abandon, it wouldn’t apply to your Max + Min defense, since it represent you not carrying about leaving yourself open.

That being said, creating mods that would apply to the overwhelming majority of situations, or being able to think of a creative way to use a mod that doesn’t seem to fit, does tend to make it so that most mods apply most of the time in my experience.

And all of -that- being said I think applying mods to individual effects instead of to dice is a perfectly fine way to play, and it might even be better.

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That is what the rules say, taken literally: they affect an effect die. However, the question has been asked on The Letters Page, and the ruling was that each mod applies to a specific effect, not the entire die. So if you use some Mid-based ability with a +2, plus Inspiring Totem, and incur a twist using your Mid die, that +2 would not apply to Inspiring Totem and the twist.