A rules clarification about cards without "up to"

So I have tried to find answers for this by scouring the rulebook, various forums, wikis, and FAQs. But it’s such a simple question that it’s difficult to search for! I think I have it right, but I want to double check.

Some actions, like Push, can either read “Push 3 Dahan” or “Push up to 3 Dahan”.

So for the first example, that must mean that you have to push 3, whether you like it or not? At least, that’s my conclusion.

Second, I assume based on the do as much as you can principle that I can still target a land that has fewer than 3 Dahan with that power? Or does the effect require 3 Dahan to be present?

Grateful for any help!

And thanks for an awesome game, so happy I discovered it. :slight_smile:


Your interpretation of the rules is correct. Glad you found the game, it’s a lot of fun!


Yes, unless it says “You may Push 3 :dahan:,” in which case you can push 0 or 3.

Yes, unless the effect said, “If there are at least 3 :dahan: in target land, Push them.”