A Sentinels Comics Tarot

In the real world both Marvel and DC have Tarot Decks available, so I thought I’d consider what would go into a Sentinel Comics Tarot deck- I’ve tried to stick to major characters for the Major Arcana and Court Cards, and I suspect my own reads into the cards and characters might be a bit off, so I’d be interested in what other people think.

Also, I’m imagining this deck gets released in the Metaverse near the end of the Multiverse, (a bit before the Oblivaeon event) so characters will need to be their iconic and recognisable selves by that point.

This is what I’ve got as Major Arcana:

0 The Fool- Setback- the youth who charges into new experience without consideration, as well as representing someone on a quest to learn and understand.

1 The Magician- The Scholar- The Magician is an encounter with a tutor, often the kind of Old Trickster Mentor character the Scholar operates as. Also the Magician is often depicted as an alchemist so I can’t think of many better characters

2 The Priestess - Nightmist - the keeper of secrets, one who understands the arcane and mysterious forces of the world beyond, and will keep the unwary away from it.

3 The Empress- Akash’ Thriya- The archetpye of the Nurturing mother, often connected with Mother Nature There aren’t many major Mother archetypes in Sentinels, & while I could see Citizen Dawn here… eh

4 The Emperor- Legacy: Authority, established order, the Archetype of the father figure- Legacy fits perfectly here.

5 The Heirophant- Mr Fixer. This is more closely showing Sensei Walker; a representation of a teacher of secrets, as well as one who encourages propriety in society.

6 The Lovers - Captain Cosmic: this card represents tough choices and how our relationships can describe who we are. Early decks showed a love triangle; here, Nigel is floating suspended in space, with his loves and obligations (Galactra, Infinitor, Zyleen etc. )reaching out to him

(Oh, and also, he’s “Sleeps with aliens guy”)

7 The Chariot- Baron Blade. Mastery, but dangerous, often impulsive and precarious mastery and driven by focus on a goal.

8 Strength- Visionary. Raw power being tempered, controlled and calmed through compassion: this is Visionary wrestling to control Dark Visionary inside her.

9 The Hermit- Absolute Zero: the need to find wisdom by isolating oneself from the rest of Humanity.

10 The Wheel of Fortune - Wager Master- The wheel represents higher forces beyond your control and shifts of fortune at the whims of fate; all very Wager Master, and he’d be happy with a wheel of fate to spin.

11 Justice- The Wraith A call for measured response, of fairness and balance- Wraith has a lot of self constraint and measure of herself.

(It’s hard to choose an overly justice focused character amongst a group of Comicbook heroes, so I’m just going to play the popularity game and make sure The Wraith is in the Major Arcana)

12 The Hanged man- The Naturalist- Sacrifice and putting oneself out of place, but as the method of becoming more true to oneself- this is Michael Conteh being severed from his previous life in order to find his true purpose.

(Lifeline would be a great Hanged Man, but I suspect he shows up too late in the Multiverse to be put on such a major card in the deck.)

13 Death -Jansa Vi Dero- Ok, this is a bit of a curveball, but I like this interpretation. Death represents the end of certain things: death of people, but also life situations; it’s sad, but necessary. Jansa refers to how these things still leave a remnant, even while observing a final end.

14 Temperance- Tempest- someone who is a mix of alien and worldly, and a tempering and calming force melded with a wrath- Temperance represents an almost impossible mixture, and the power that comes from melding them.

15 The Devil- Spite -The Devil represents the chains of want and that bind us to worldly concerns, and allowing oneself to give in to indulgences. Spite seems to represent both ends of this.

(Weirdly, given what The Devil represents in tarot, I’m not sure Apostate is a good fit: Bugbear would be good though)

16 The Tower - Miss Information. The comfortable status quo torn asunder. Often a necessary disruption but a painful one (In the image, of course, she is destroying Freedom Tower)

17 The Moon- The realm of discord- The moon represents visions, illusions, hidden messages & madness- it is possible this is most seen in the Oracle of Discord themselves

18 The Star- Tachyon. Hope, but with a focus on the future. Tachyon seems both optimistic and focused on the idea of making the world better. Oddly, The Star is a call to be patient, which is a bit against Tachyon’s nature, but also a call to work towards your goal, so I think this works.

19 The Sun- Ra. Confidence, optimism and certainty of oneself; things Ra has in spades. Also, he’s the God of The Sun which edges things in his favour.

20 JudgementParse: The careful removal, the weighing of good and ill, preparation- all very Parse.

21- The World- Haka: This is Haka who is travelling the world and has a full thorough experience and understanding of his place in it.


One of Wands- ???
Two of Wands- Fright Train
Three of Wands- La Capitan
Four of Wands- Young Legacy
Five of Wands- Ambuscade
Six of Wands- Kaagra Warfang
Seven of Wands- Grand Warlord Voss
Eight of Wands- Friction
Nine of Wands- Sky Scraper
Ten of Wands- Iron Legacy
Page of Wands- Thiago Diaz
Knight of Wands- Fanatic
Queen of Wands- Citizen Dawn
King of Wands- Chairman Pike

Kaagra and Ambuscade keep flipping between Five and Six- They both do great at symbolising both “Glory and Praise” **and** the “joy of competition”. I'm aware that this is a very Legacy heavy suit, but The Legacy line is so focussed on duty that it makes sense.
Swords` One of Swords- Omnitron Two of Swords- Equity Three of Swords- Heartbreaker Four of Swords- Zhu Long Five of Swords- Apostate Six of Swords- Soothsayer Carmichael Seven of Swords- Ermine Eight of Swords- Ray Manta Nine of Swords- Mr Jitters Ten of Swords- The Celestial Tribunal Page of Swords- Guise Knight of Swords- The Operative Queen of Swords- Expatriette King of Swords- Chrono- ranger

Look at that, there are some actual swords! (Although there are a lot of guns in the Court Cards).

Cups` One of Cups- The Ruins of Atlantis Two of Cups- Dana Bertram Three of Cups- **???** Four of Cups- Sky- scraper Five of Cups- Gloomweaver Six of Cups- **???** Seven of Cups- Glamour Eight of Cups- Daniel & Abigail Montgomery Nine of Cups- K.N.Y.F.E. Ten of Cups- The Southwest Sentinels Page of cups- The Dreamer Knight of cups- Harpy Queen of cups- Blood Countess Bathory King of cups- Argent Adept

Nothing jumps out as the 3 or 6 (“Meeting of Friends” and “Nostalgic comfort” respectively)- I’d be interested in suggestions- I’m considering the Ennead for the 3, maybe Fashion for 6?

Coins` One of coins- Insular Primalis Two of coins- Kismet Three of coins- General Armstrong Four of coins- Hermetic Five of coins- Plague Rat Six of coins- Revocorp Seven of coins- Biomancer Eight of coins- Proletariat Nine of coins- Blood Countess Bathory Ten of coins- Freedom Tower Page of coins- Unity Knight of coins- Benchmark Queen of coins- Chokepoint King of coins- Bunker

I’m not too happy putting Chokepoint as Queen, but her care for material things makes a sort of sense, & I can’t find anywhere else to put her, or another character for queen of coins.

I suspect Benchmark might be pushing my “end of multiverse” rules a bit, but he’s such a solid Knight of Coins, so I’m keeping him in for now

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I love this! I think having Jansa as Death makes a lot of sense, not only for its upright meaning, but also how the inverted ones are related to her weaknesses.
On that note: I feel like the Three of Cups might be too positive for a bunch like the Ennead, but the Enclave of the Endings might work there - or, a very left-field option, that high school Young Legacy went to for a while.

Nice job! But you have Bathory twice: as the Queen of Cups and as the 9 of Coins.

We did something similar over on the LP server, but we stuck to just heroes versus yours pulling from every character: Tarot of the Multiverse - Google Sheets Interesting to see someone else having the same project idea and different takes! :smiley:

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Interesting idea. But what Tachyon for the Chariot, and Unity for The Star? Seems to fit the driven vs hope dynamic. But Tarot is not something I’m that familiar with aside from the basics. Also, I could see an argument for keeping villains out of the major arcana unless necessary (WM and MI fit those two…)

Surely you realize that the great Baron Blade is the greatest of all heroes, having personally defeated OblivAeon and saved the entire Multiverse!

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