A variety of rules questions

Sentinel Tactics is a great game.
I've some question about rules, can someone please clarify?
Is there a distance of how far your companions can move away from the actual character?
How does turn sequence work with companions, is the following correct?
 Citizen - action, movement, attack will not require an action from Citizen Dawn
 Bots - action, movement, attack will require an action from unity
Does character block the line of sight if it is hiding behind another character?
Does hazard / blazing tornado block line of sight?
When Ambuscade cloaked let you place him in an unoccupied hex, does that mean he can immediately jump from one corner of the map and reappear at the other end?
It seems to be missing a card saying happens when the character stands on lava.
Regarding scenario events, I can see that in the tournament you have Hospital and Revocorp HQ.
However, I couldn't find that in the rulebook or comic book.  Am I missing something?
How do you know if an attack is a range or melee?  They share the same action icon (looks like a punch)
In Update #36 it mentioned that there will be a downloadable format of scenario, where can I find them?
Is there any scenario for the location maps that we brought in the Kickstarter?
When is Sentinel Tactics Battle for Broken City and For-Profit be available?

1.  Companions enter the game when their card enters play, and unless otherwise stated, do so adjacent to the character.  After that they can move however they want and wherever (by the rules), just like any other target.  If their HP hits 0 or their card leaves play, they leave play.

2.  Moving and attacking is all part of Go Time!.  Citizen Dawn's return from the Dawn card gives her citizens special rules, they get their own turn after hers, that will go through all 4 steps (although only 2 are used most of the time).

Unity's Golems use her actions to Move, Sprint, Aim, Dodge, or activate the actions on their card.  When Unity uses her action(s), you choose to use Go Bots! and then choose one of the bots and that bot can then take any action available (the 4 universal actions or an action on their card)

3.  Characters, unless specifically stated, do not block line of sight.  If fact I don't believe any of the tokens in the current game will ever block line of sight.  (If I am forgetting something I'm sure someone will let me know)

4.  Hazzards and Tornado's do not block line of sight.

Stealth Bot generates cover on adjacent hexes occupied by allies, that is the only line of sight interference a token currently generates.

5.  Ambuscade leaves the map at the end (to be continued. . .) of his turn, at his power up phase he re-enters, anywhere you want to put him.  But note he can't disappear at the end of that turn again, you can't put Cloaking Device back in play the same turn it leaves play.

6.  Flow of Fiery Lava is the card you are looking for.  The text is:

(ongoing)  Lava hexes generate hazard spaces.   X = The number of adjacent lava hexes plus 1.

X [die] 1X34X6  (2 and 5 auto miss) Hazard Attack, Radius 0.

So if you step on a lava hex the attack against you is 1 plus the number of lava hexes next to the lava hex you are on.  (if you are in the middle of the volcano you face a 7d attack)

7.  Tournament maps frequently add things not in the official maps or rules.

8.  Melee attacks have the word Melee under the attack code (look at Thok on Legacy's panel, it can be a bit hard to see.

9&10.  Those scenarios were being worked on when the reworking of tactics began.  so they will be finished along with the new content.  It is sad that they aren't available right now, but working on things for the rules you have now, and then having to retest or update them for the rule changes wouldn't be smart.  So we are stuck waiting.

When they are available they will most likely be found in the downloads tab you can access from the main site/drop menu.

11.  You will want to read this.


I believe Omnitron blocks line of sight, but he's counted as large enough to add +1 to the height of the spaces he occupies so it'd only be through spaces on which he's the same or higher to other characters.

Is Omnitron a character? If yes, he does not block line of sight.

Omnitron only counts as being one elevation higher than the terrain he is on, he does not raise the terrain elevation.

Currently, the Impaling Structures can block line of sight if they are higher than either the target or the origin of an effect or attack(as with all elevation-modifying tokens). I'm relatively certain that the monorail tokens also block LOS(according to normal elevation rules), but if you want to have some fancy rules about shooting under the monorail, it's your game, friend. =]

Technically, Stealth Bot gives cover to the allies. This means that enemies are more than welcome to shoot through any ally adjacent to Stealth Bot, including hitting SB itself, but they may not target that target. Other implications: Area attacks may be centered on a hex occupied by a target with cover, but not in cover.

I do not believe this is correct. Any reference on this? To my knowlege, cover, regardless of hex or target, blocks LoS. I don't recall any ruling to the contrary.

It has always been played that Stealth Bot can be shot at through adjacent allies. I will troll through the tourney vids for the specific reference I'm thinking of.

If it doesn't exist, then I will happily rescind my argument. Although that now makes Stealth bot untargetable if it is played behind three allies. Regardless, the wording of "Gain" cover vs "Hexes occupied by adjacent allies count as cover" is two very different things.

If it is I find that highly unintuitive and rediculous. But its not the first time I've thought something was rediculous and it turned out to be true.

This is as close as I could get this. Bunker is taking a snapshot micromissles at a Stealth Bot through an Omnitron that is adjacent to Stealth Bot. I realize I'm using the lack of a contradicting call as implicit evidence for the legality of the move, but let's be honest, that's how this game has been run at tournaments from day one.


I believe he is right Foote, I would have to dig through a lot of playtesting forum discussion, but I believe that is the rule.  Because I remember it coming up testing a certain character.

Particularly the spelling of ridiculous :slight_smile:

The lack of spell check in this forums text thing is silly. I wasn't a spelling major man haha.