A Virtuoso of the Void from the Past

Does anyone know which Virtuoso of the Void was active during 1926? I’m a little unclear of the full timeline for the Virtuosos. I’m working on an RPG-like scenario in which Sentinel Comics kinda sorta meets Call of Cthulhu.

In canon, the last actual Virtuoso was in the 1700s. There was almost one in the 1800s, but that failed at the start. There was basically 200 years with no Virtuoso in canon.

In YOUR canon, it seems one showed up in the early 1920’s for a bit. Good for them!


Thank you for the canon update!

Hmm… in my canon perhaps there was a Virtuoso of the Void kept in secret from Akash’Bhuta…

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If you’re going for a Cthulhu thing, you could do a variant of Angela Drake, the slightly Nightmisty version of Argent Adept from the “Quando? Ahora!” version of the Freedom Five, but lean further into her Nightmist aspect by replacing the female ancestor Virtuoso with a version of Joe Diamond who was also a Void mage. Thusly, Joe would be the past Virtuoso you use for this project, have him fighting the Cult of Gloom and maybe Totally-Not-Cthulhu that’s sealed in the Atlantis ruins, and then he could haunt his granddaughter Angela four generations later when Akash’Bhuta rises again, teaching her how to cast spells so that she can join the Prime Wardens or whatever.

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Loving these ideas! So does this mean the Joe Diamond of this reality doesn’t suffer the same exact fate as the Joe Diamond from the main timeline?

Perhaps Gloomweaver still trapped Joe in that gem, but instead of destroying it and snuffing out Joe’s spirit after Nightmist confronted him, he chose to relinquish the stone as part of some machination of his, or was perhaps parted from it by some other entity such as Ruin (that fits quite well since Ruin is an Argent Adept nemesis and we’re fusing those two characters, so effectively Joe’s ghost became a pawn in a power struggle between the two would-be lords of Discord, and while both were trying to hold onto him, he slipped through both of their fingers and wound up coming to Faye herself - just spitballing here, but something along those lines could work).

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If only the Nightmist from the main timeline could learn that her grandpa is well and good in another dimension!

Well it’s not really her grandpa, it’s just a very similar person. Alternate realities are weird. (See Iron Legacy and Young Legacy.)

Obligatory “but is he?!” reply.