Ability Versatility?

Okay, so I am a bit confused. Do you absolutely need a green or yellow ability to make use of a power?

For example, say I have the cosmic energy power and have the blaster archetype. I took disabling blast and danger zone as my green abilities. I put cosmic power as my ability that powers disabling blast and say, my strength power for danger zone (like a ground slam).

Now, cosmic power is supposed to be more versatile than just an energy blast, so can I do other things with it? Can I create illusions or something related to cosmic energy? Am I only limited to the green, yellow, and red abilities? If so, that would really take away from the versatile nature of the system.

You can always take basic actions (Overcome, Attack, Boost, Hinder, Defend) with any combination of a Power and a Quality (and your Status).


So as long as it makes sense, powers and qualities can do about anything within reason? Is that correct? As long as it fits the power/ quality of course.

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Correct! As long as it makes sense narratively, you’re okay.

However, you should probably get the Invisibility Power (from the Self-Control or Psychic category, I can’t remember) seperate from Cosmic.

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Thank you! :+1:

The thing with some of the energy control powers is that a few have broad applications that could probably duplicate another power to a certain extent. I know invisibility and illusion are in other power groups but cosmic energy is linked to solar activity so I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what cosmic energy power could actually do.

Edit: to be clear solar energy and light is linked to mirage and thus illusion.

I put it this way to my players.

Powers/Qualities can do any of the basic actions. Just think about what the end result is. If you’re using cosmic power to damage or to distract or whatever. Basic actions cover everything pretty well.

Abilities are specific ways in which your character breaks the rules - using Max die, doing two things at once, affecting multiple people etc.

Once players grasp that central concept - that you don’t need an “attack” power to attack etc. everything moves so much smoother.


In general, it’s about the nature of the narrative, as folks described, but that level of using the power (creating illusions with Cosmic energy) would really be up to the GM’s call. For me, using Cosmic to create illusions seems like a significat reach (especially for a Blaster archetype :wink:), but I could see someone trying to blind an opponent with an extremely bright burst (i.e., Hinder action), covering someone’s location with a wall of energy (i.e., Defend), using a blast to energize an ally or force an opponent into a more advantageous position for an ally’s attack (i.e., Boost), etc. - pretty much what fougerec said. :slight_smile:

But the narrative description needs to make sense for the power. Folks should talk to their GMs before the game starts to ensure everyone is on the same page about how they look at the powers, otherwise there might be confusion mid-game when someone imagined their powers working differently than the GM. :frowning:


Okay. I think I understand now. I would like to thank everyone for their patience and aid in helping me out. I appreciate it very much. :slight_smile:


100% work out the details of powers beforehand. We’ve gone so far as to say that two characters with d12 Strength actually have different levels of strength - one might be able to divert an asteroid while the other can lift but not throw a car. Mechanically they can both try to do the same attacks, overcomes etc. but they need to narrate differently.

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