About the Heartbleed Vulnerability

With all the news going around the web about the Hearbleed bug, we thought it would be wise to let you know the status of with regards to the Greater Than Games website and what it means for your accounts, passwords and personal information we collect as part of your orders. So... here we go. *deep breath*

In short, the Greater Than Games website has never been and will never be vunlerable to the Heartbleed bug. 

That's a load off our collective chests. The version of OpenSSL that is used on the Greater Than Games website predates that which the Heartbleed vulnerability was introdced into the ssl code and, of course, when we do update, we will download the patched version. 

So your passwords are all safe and your information is as safe as it can be. But, you ARE using a good, secure password, right? :)

(As a reminder, the Greater Than Games websites does not and will not ever collect full credit card numbers or CVC/CVV codes. At the most, we keep your name, email, addresses, phone numbers, and the last four digits of your credit card number as part of your order.)

Thank you!