Agreeable Brains Villains

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Submission #1

Monkey Suit, Simian Super Spy


Background: Monkey Suit is a government operative from a “Planet of the Apes” type of alternate universe but with an ultra-modern level of technology.


Image: Monkey Suit is literally a chimpanzee wearing a tuxedo. He would have the proportions of an ape, not a human wearing a costume.


Play style: Like any good spy he relies on lots of gadgets. His deck will be equipment heavy with lots of effects that mess with removing buffs from the heroes to take away their advantage as well as removing any negative modifiers from himself. One particular piece of equipment will be used to turn the heroes into apes, significantly reducing their effectiveness. If Monkey Suit can ever turn all the heroes into apes at the same time he wins. His flip trigger will be based on his equipment, if he ever has no equipment in play he will flip to a side that represents him avoiding the fight until he can get a certain amount of equipment back in to play.


[TAB Note: I now know that this guy is too close to Ambuscade, but I had not had a chance to play against that villain when these were submitted]


Submission #2

The Freed, Champions of Chaos


Background: The Freed are a version of the Freedom Five from an alternate universe where super humans are feared, persecuted, and hunted by normal humans. They were each imprisoned for different reason but escaped together and now hell bent on revenge against the entire multiverse.

Throwback comes from a long line of super humans that become more powerful but more monstrous with each generation.

Stronghold was once a soldier in an anti-super task force who volunteered for experimental cybernetic surgery, the modifications were a success but he lost any humanity he had left and turned into a brutal mass murderer.

Wrath was once a normal human girl until she and her boyfriend were gunned down. She returned as a spirit of vengeance but is unable to differentiate between the guilty and the innocent.

Breakneck was always crazy and actually gave herself super powers on purpose. She has a lot of brute force behind her speed but no real sense of control.

Bitter Cold can’t even remember how long he had been kept prisoner before the others arrived. He is literally cold and calculating; being effectively immortal he wants to enjoy every moment of pain he causes.


Image: The members of The Freed look like darker, edgier, and more sadistic versions of their mainstream counterparts.


Play style: The Freed begins the game with all 5 members in play, and each has a power that goes off each round. Their deck will represent different advanced attacks with different effects depending on which members are still in play. Some cards will have option A for when the target member is still in play and option B for if they are already knocked out. Other cards will always do option A and then also do option B if the target villain is still in play. The trick to fighting The Freed is determining the best order to take them down before your own team is defeated. Their flip trigger will be a member of the team getting knocked out; the team villain card will flip for one turn and give the remaining members a significant boost before flipping back.


[TAB Note: I figured there would be a lot of “evil heroes” submitted, heck I would not be surprised if >G already had their own already planned, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring anyway]


I love the ape spy.  Hope that one wins, now. :)

Thanks Spiff! If he doesn't win maybe I can flesh him out into a playable version. 

We need more just straight up silver age fun in the game and Monkey Suit would make a great stride in that direction.


I'm not saying that Sentinels is "grim and gritty", it is very modern in the sense that it is not intentionally bleak but death and weakness of character do exist.