Akash bhuta tips

Hi everyone,
I recently picked up the infernal relics expansion and am having a lot of trouble with akash bhuta. I currently own the base game, rook city and infernal relics. Does anybody have any strategy’s that I can pull off with just this content?

My main piece of advice is, “If you have a choice betwixt damaging Akash’ herself or one of the limbs, go for the limb.” Destroying a limb removes its effect, plus it deals damage to Akash’ equal to the damage that you spent on it.

Also, you probably shouldn’t bring the Argent Adept, as Akash will do much more extra Nemesis damage to him than he will do to her.

Lastly, choosing the environment for a game against Akash’ is more important than usual. An extra difficult environment’s toughness will be multiplied by Akash’.


I agree fjur. It is rare that you ever target Akash’Bhuta since damaging the limbs hurts Akash’Bhuta and removes her offensive capabilities at the same time. You usually want to avoid effects that prevent Akash’Bhuta from dealing damage- if that happens and a limb is destroyed, Akash’Bhuta won’t take any damage.

For the environment, the fewer targets in the deck, the better. So The Block, Enclave of the Endlings and Magmaria are much more difficult. Freedom Tower is about as easy as you can make it for Akash’Bhuta and if you’re having trouble, start there. (just make sure to have decent environment control to handle Entry Points)

The vast majority of her damage is melee and projectile, so using Legacy, Lead from the Front and Next Evolution to tank is always an option. Generally focus on one limb at a time, but characters that deal multi-target damage (eg. Mr. Fixer, Tempest) can make that easier for you as there will be times when 3 or 4 limbs get thrown on to the field at once. If possible, keep an ongoing destruction in reserve to remove Entomb since it can do a lot of damage.

Akash’Bhuta can be a pain and the 200 health is scary, but she’s generally pretty manageable if you just keep hacking away at her limbs and mitigating the damage.


Bring as much AOE as possible, 1 damage to 5 limbs is equivalent to 5 damage to Akash.

Tempest and Tachyon are great heroes against Akash. Legacy also works well with these two heroes, as the more AOE damage you do, the more impactful his damage boost is.

When choosing which limb to hit:

  • Highest priority is usually Ensnaring Brambles (since that stops you from doing damage), unless whichever target is ensnared wasn’t going to deal damage anyway (e.g. Unity’s Stealth Bot).
  • Living Rockslide is usually second highest priority, as it hits everyone on your team.
  • Arboreal Phalanges is third highest priority, it’s usually doing less damage overall.
  • Mountainous Carapace is usually lowest priority, since most of your damage to Akash is going to come from the backlash damage of her limbs dying and this doesn’t affect that much.

I disagree a little with your prioritization, @Omegatron, in that if there are multiple Mountainous Carapaces in play they can really slow down your progress and I’ll elevate them above the Arboreal Phalanges. Phalanges aren’t too bad because they only hit the hero with the highest HP.


I think there may be a misunderstanding about which Edition of Akash’Bhuta this is. In Enhanced Edition (which this post seems to be about), Mountainous Carapace does affect damage dealt to her by limb destruction.

(… and I just read much… so maybe there isn’t a misunderstanding. But I do agree that it can add up if there are 2 or 3.)

Thanks for the info everyone! Just managed to defeat the earth monster with the freedom five.


It depends on exactly what mix of limbs are out. If there’s 1 or 2 of each limb out, I’d leave the Carapaces for last. If all three Carapaces are out and only a couple of other limbs, then the Carapaces might be a higher priority.

The priority list is just a rule of thumb but there’s always the possibility of exceptions (e.g. I’ll ignore Ensnaring Brambles if it’s only targeting Stealth Bot, or I’ll ignore Living Rockslide if I have a hero like Mainstay who can soak 2 damage to everyone).