An animal picture a day keeps the doctor away

I really like cute animals - pets, wild, whatever - and this has been a tough year in a lot of ways, but also I moved to an area with a lot of very nice birds so that has taken the edge off a tiny bit.

Anyway, if you want to share a photo of your pet or some wildlife near you, I would be delighted.

This one is a magpie (the Australian kind, not the European kind) that decided to perch on my washing line to inspect my back garden.

Shiny! Great idea, liarliar! :-D 

Here are a couple of shots of Hera (stripes) and Vera (black), our cats. :-) 

They’re adorable!

Here’s my cats: Custard and Smoky. Should be obvious which one’s which, haha! These two are brothers, and very affectionate.

Today a wattlebird decided to drink some nectar from our bottlebrush tree! Unfortunately it stopped posing nicely as soon as I walked over, so this shot only shows it among the leaves, looking over its shoulder to the left.

But take my word for it: it was very cute!

I’m guessing this thread was a casualty of the forum software being upgraded a few months after it went up. No pictures here anymore, tragically. I’d love it if the practice could resume though. My mood would improve substantially if I saw kittens more often.

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Well, I wouldn’t mind sharing some pictures every once and a while.

Here’s one of our pet dog (who was had many names), caught mid-yawn:


I’m so bad at keeping up with the pics of our cats, Hera (stripes) and Vera (black). :confused:

I’m sure it’s not because I take a lot of pics of them… :roll_eyes:


Second pic is “adorbs”, to quote Unity. I like how the black one is just chilling up there in the corner, surveying his/her domain without a care in the world.