Animal-Verse Characters

Hi everyone. I thought up some punny names for characters from the Animal-Verse, and I figured I'd share them here to give you folks a few laughs. Here's what I got:

  • Biomouser
  • Mister Foxter
  • The Ideelist
  • Ducktor Medico
  • Prolebeariat
  • Unibee

If anyone else has any others, feel free to share!

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Only ones I have off the top of my head are:

  • Benchbark
  • The Humanist

All I know is I came up with the Savage Quokka and I will ride that freight train to my grave. :B

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What animal is "The Ideelist"? Or is it supposed to say "Ideerlist" or something? :D

Anyway, what do I have...

Citizen Fawn
The Skate-riarch
The Hennead
The Hareman (with his accomplice, the Loperative)

Hmm, that's all I can be arsed to come up with for now :D

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The Ideelist is the Idealist, but an eel.

Ahhh eel, of course. Derp :D.

Too unfocused to come up with any good ones but i want to reminde people that Christopher and Adam did state that multipe versions of any given character can exist one for each spiecies. 

so we can have dog Absolute Zero and penguin Absolute Zero


I think you mean you’ll ride that Fright Crane

(I admit, my imagination is having trouble imagining an anthropomorphic member of the family gruidae as a musclebound hulk with a cowcatcher over its beak. But then, being bafflingly incomprehensible and existing anyway is kinda Fright Train’s overall vibe in the first place, so I think it works.)


I thought of this one and couldn’t resist posting it: OpigAeon.

(Geddit? It’s OblivAeon, but a pigeon!)



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I figured it was a pig, based on that name. Maybe there were originally Opigion and ArchGeon?

Either way, while we know that Wager Master plays along with whatever universe he shows up in, OA does not, so there isn’t a “real” Animalverse version of him; he just appears as himself and wrecks face. It might be more useful to try and figure out who his local Scions in the Animalverse are. The only blatantly obvious one being Aeon Hamster.

Yeah, I figured that would happen. That’s why I added the parenthetical note.

OrbWeavAeon :B

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Absealute Zero, Captain Cosmice, La Koaladora or La Comodolphin
Fanatick, Santa Goose, The Harpig, Legacygnus or LegaSeal, Liceline, Luinairedale
The Naturalizard, Nightmink, (p)Arse (a mule), Ra(t): Setting Sun
The SKoalar of the Infinite, Manestay (a lion or horse)
Dark Watch Greyback (Gorilla), Skylark-Scraper
Skunkman, Stuntmonkey, Stunt(chip)munk
Tazchyon, The Visionarwhal

Akash’baboonta, Ambuzzcade (bee) or Hambuscade (pig), ApoSkate Bearon Blade,
La CaPika, Citizen Prawn, Headlice (Deadline), Grand Warlord Gosling,
InFinItor (a fish), Iron LegaSeal, Kaargra WolfFang, Kissmet (kissing fish or kissing bug)
Miss InFurMation (anything fuzzy, how about a cat?), Plague Cat or Plague Bat
Prawngeny, Wager MasTurkey or MasTurtle, Citizens HAMmer (pig) & AnVole
BugBoar, Ermink (cheating?), FRight Whale, Gooser Clutch, The OPurrrative (cat)


My earlier Fright Crane post predates the podcast episode in which C&A answered a question about Fright-Train-sized ducks and vice versa. So it definitely seems as though the fandom has settled upon Animalverse Stephen Graves (Grebes?) as being some kind of waterfowl.

Here’s a few more:

  • Chrowno-Ranger
  • The Bearman
  • Prolehareiat
  • Boar the Unstable

Is that meant to be Crow-no-Ranger? The spelling is throwing me off.

Too generic. Also, what’s a “man” in the Animalverse? Better make him the Chairham; we know he’s a pig anyway, this is just literalizing it.

I can sort of see this in the theory that bunnies replicate in large numbers. But I think Prolebeariat is better. (Pretty sure I’m not the first to think of it.)

That’s ironic given that he started out as Boar the Butcher. (Fun fact, my hometown has an upscale restaurant called “The Butcher and the Boar”. And yes their sign has a pig on it, to represent all the barbecue pork they serve.)


But . . .

Prolebeariat? No, you’re not the first. He was in my initial post for this thread.

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