Christopher is providing some health updates and they go through letters.


Well… that’s good? He was sounding better, but that’s a relative thing.

But walking helps… hmmm… okay, hear me out. What if we turned Christopher into a brain-in-a-jar type, but pulled in a spider body like those weird monks from Star Wars, so he would always be walking around?

Speaking of cyborgs, that Benchmark/Unity thing is… yeah, that’s dark. I can think of a couple ways that the conflict can happen without either of them initiating anything that could be considered abusive (e.g. his cybernetics get hacked and she has to use her powers to counter whatever the hacker does, and that stays with him). I can see that being something that ends a relationship, so that drama is still there without being edgelord about it or either character losing sympathy.

But I’m also coming from a perspective of someone who has dealt with the scars an abusive relationship leaves, and I would really, REALLY, rather not have one of my favorite characters, intentionally or not, be the instigator of something that’s perceived that way.

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It really felt good to hear both of them having a little fun again. :slight_smile: If the Editor’s Note doesn’t happen Friday, I’ll be happy if it means Christopher is finally getting the treatment he needs.


My idea for the “Unity abuses Benchmark” story would be to have it be a dream. An argument during a Paradigms mission leads to yelling back at base and then her snapping and seizing his cybernetics… and then her waking up in a cold sweat. It was just a simple argument, and they did not think about it again. But in her mind, she saw herself being controlling and abusive and she needs to talk to Randal about this. Nothing happened to him, but he has to take this seriously to be a good boyfriend and he cannot just say “I forgive you” because the topic is abuse and it should not have such a quick answer.
I figure in the metaverse the writer had his/her therapist introduce a colleague who could help write the story.

I want to say I could empathize with the person Adam knows on the “not doing things that could kill you front”.

As I have had to adjust my diet for liver reasons, and it’s been so hard. As eating was one of the few things in my life that was actually enjoyable, but I had to cut out some stuff I love (mainly my beloved cheeses) and now eating is as unfulfilling as everything else is. And I honestly haven’t been as faithful as I’m supposed to be versus just cutting back as a result (as otherwise I catch myself just not eating at all because nothing is appealing), and time and future blood tests will tell if I have to be absolutely more hardline. >_>


FWIW, I have a relative with fatty liver who’s voiced a similar complaint about lack of dairy. Check with your doctor, but you may be able to handle some cheeses - the lower-fat ones, and no processed stuff (which you probably weren’t eating anyway if you’re a big cheese lover) - really depends on your personal condition. Supposedly there are some cheese flavorings that are safe too, but how they taste I can’t say. Texture is such a big part of the overall impact of cheese just imitating the flavor might not help much.

Yeah my specific issue is fatty liver, and it’s gotta be diet and stress that are causing it as I don’t really have any of the other causes. (I already don’t drink anyways, for instance.)

And yeah, there are some low- or no-fat cheeses like mozzarella or feta that I enjoy at times, but my really big love was pepper jack and blue cheese and those just don’t really have “no fat” options (or at least none readily available in my area).