Any update when this will hit my flgs?

Any updates on when this will hit my flgs?

These posts are starting to seem a bit spammy.  

Nah, they're all legit for a different game, and will likely have different answers.  :confused:


But I get what you're saying.  :slightly_smiling_face:

i figured there would be different responses to different games which is why I posted them seperately. I knew all 3 were in the process of shipping to backers on kickstarter but since I didn't have the money to back at the time I would post seperately about each one since I didn't know a good place to post all 3 at same time 

Exoplanets has been shipped to distributors. How long it takes to make it through the pipeline to your flgs is a good question to which I do not have a solid answer :)

Some publishers give distributors, etc a release date, and ask it not to be sold beforehand; I take it you don’t do that?

Not currently. We ship to distributors after Kickstarter rewards go out, so it removes the need for that.

will keep an eye out then