Any updates on new books for this line?

I have the Guise Book and Core Rules. I had read that there were other books that were planned on being released. Are there any updates on when those books might be coming to market?

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Updates are at this link. Most recent one was 19 days ago at time of writing.

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Judging from the updates linked to by @Chief_Lackey_Rich, I’d guess that we’ll get (at least two of) The History of Sentinel Comics, Starter Set 2.0, and the Terror’s New Form one-shot by the end of this year. And then the xxt’Hulissh/Diamond Book of Monsters book sometime next year, with Dark Watch and Urban Settings in the following year (or two).

Although, to be frank, that timeline seems a touch optimistic. It seems that GTG has been putting most of their effort into their Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition line, which they’re publishing one fairly-large product from per year from 2021-2026, which makes it look like they are putting the RPG on a back-burner.

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They did mention in the Disparation campaign that Definitive Edition is likely to be slowing down a bit, with Disparation coming out about a year and a half after Rook City Renegades so that they can spend more time this year focusing on the RPG.


I suspect the balancing act of developing the two games will remain fluid based largely on sales. If one fails to move new products while the other has people clamoring for more it’s not hard to guess where the major effort will go.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the RPG was relying more heavily on the input from outside creators than just C&A?

The History book is delayed because the main writer died so Christopher suddenly has to do the lion’s share of the remainder of the work, and from the sounds of recent updates last month they only fairly recently got the outside work in for other books.

Obviously Definitive Edition does matter to some degree as the GTG team has their various things to do to it, but I don’t think it’s as much “they’re giving up on the RPG in favor of DE” as people are guessing so much as “contractors take longer to get stuff in than doing it all in house”.

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Accurate, although I believe everything still goes past Christopher for final approval so it doesn’t break canon. If so, it’s an obvious bottleneck.

Given Christopher’s energy level and the various spreadsheet’s he and Adam have constructed over the course of the Letters Page, I don’t think that’s very much of a bottleneck…


Yes, I believe. If memory serves, the xxxy’Hulissh Adventure/Diamond Book of Monsters and Urban Settings books are both primarily written by contractors, while the Starter Set Reboot and Terrorform one-shot will be mainly under Christopher’s purview, and the History of SC book is as you said. However, I also believe that, like @Chief_Lackey_Rich said, Christopher has a minimum level of input in everything, but I also think that he doesn’t work purely alone on any product.

Of course. I know that they’re trying their best to get all the things out; and I think they’re doing a fine* job.

(Of course, I have no real idea how the inner machinations of GTG work; this is all just guesses and speculation based on what’s been said publicly.)

*As in good, not adequate.

I honestly at this point think the holdup is probably more Christopher suddenly having to finish the writing of the History book, in part because I know that artwork for it has been one of Adam’s most recent projects so I think it’s the primary thing being worked on for the RPG stuff right now.


For those who don’t keep an eye on the Kickstarter thread, we have an update on what’s going on! There’s a full write-up here of the current status, but the short version is that they’re hoping for two to three products a year, with a bit of an asterisk for 2023 (one product out for GenCon, and the new Starter Kit out by January.) The current schedule is:

2023: Terror-Form One-Shot in Q3
2024: Starter Kit Rework in Q1, Sentinel Choices Zine in Q2, Monster Adventures in Q3, and History of Sentinel Comics in Q4
2025: Dark Watch in Q1, Urban Settings in Q3

Of note is that Diamond Book of Monsters and Xxtz’Hulissh Adventures appear to have been merged into a single sourcebook, which hopefully means a larger sourcebook overall and not shorter content for each half. Also unsurprisingly, art seems to be the biggest stumbling block - every project is 60-100% written, but only the Q3 releases are art-complete and only History of Sentinel Comics is partially done; the rest are at 0%.

Presumably this is because Adam is working like a maniac to try and get everything done, and I wish him the best (I do also continue to wish that they would delegate more artwork especially, but this is their baby and we get what we get, no reason to fret.)

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I’m fairly certain that those have always been a single book. Proof from the Kickstarter campaign page:

For hitting the $200k mark, we’re unlocked a two-part Adventure Book, containing a six-issue adventure about the Diamond Book of Monsters and a six-issue adventure about the dreaded xxtz’Hulissh! It’s now on the list of add-ons that can be added to your pledge!

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Oh, huh! Somehow I totally missed that; I thought they had always been described as two separate books.

Well, that guarantees that no content is going down. :slight_smile: Thank you for the correction!

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