any word when Bottom of the Ninth will be in stores

Any word when Bottom of the Ninth will be in stores. Have gift cards to my FLGS and want to use them up and figured this would be a great game to play with people during the world series. Especially if the cubbies make it :)

It's supposed to be out to backers in October which could include some FLGS

The last update that I got is that it will be put on the boat on the 16th, so we are looking at mid-to-late October (depending on how long it takes to send it out to backers).

So probably won't get this till after World Series. Oh well, at least the Cubs are beating the cards tonight so that's a plus

Agree, any Cardinals loss is worth celebrating.  Hopefully this turns into an epic collapse.

(Beat 'em Bucs!)

3 way tie in NL central would be fun that last week of sept.

You all know that we're in St. Louis, right? Too much celebrating a loss from the Cards may get your ship date bumped back.

Look Craig, we do our best to overlook these indiscretions.  I don't blame anyone being from a place, but choosing to support such a thing as the Cardinals. . . it is troubling, and calls into question the moral fabric of a person.

Plus Pirates are way cooler and sing better than lousy red birds.

They certainly drink better...

Damn straight we do.

Well Sept 16th was spot on according to this KS update:



Bottom of the 9th has left the factory!
Posted by Dice Hate Me Games
This is some really great news. Bottom of the 9th has left the factory and is on its way to St. Louis! It won't be long now until we get to play ball.

What does this make the timing look like, you may ask? Well, if we have amazing luck, it will arrive here in late-ish October, just in time to get to many of you during the World Series. If we have average luck, it will get to you right after the World Series, just in time to stave off your baseball withdrawal symptoms.

Bottom of the 9th is approaching quickly. That means we're going to be sending out backer surveys really soon. These are vitally important, as they are the only way we know how to get things to you. Please fill them out quickly so that we can be sure to get things to you in a timely fashion.

Thank you so much for all your support!

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I'm super excited for this, Bottom of The Ninth is probably my favorite 2 player game. The combination of bluffing and super intense Dice Rolling makes this a must have!