Anyone Else Excited for Cauldron's New Expansion "Adrift"?

Hot diggity dog! The Cauldron people (person really) are at it again! There's new Cauldron content incoming any day now. I've played most of the five heroes, six villains and five environments in Tabletop Simulator and everything I've seen is great. The villains run the gamut from challenging to utterly savage with some pretty cool mechanics, the heroes are fun and varied with some pretty unique mechanics of their own (Pyre 'irradiates' cards in players' hands for a variety of effects and Drift has a track that you slide a token up and down to control how her cards act) and the environments are some of the most fun and interactive-without-being-invasive (some of the old Cauldron environments were of the oh-shit-the-villain-isn't-the-problem-anymore variety, though there are 2nd edition versions of three of those available now too) ones yet.

I'm super hyped for more Sentinels! Especially some standard format villains which we haven't seen a new one of for a long time now.

There's a huge thread over on Board Game Geek with all the details.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not affiliated with Cauldron at all, but I do keep a close watch on the development, and right now tosx (the creator) is waiting for approval from GtG to release Adrift on Drive Thru Cards (I understand 50% of the proceeds go to GtG) and I was kind of hoping this post might speed things along if it got noticed. So, if you're interested in some fantastic new content, make some hype!

Between this and Sentinels of Earth Prime on the horizon, it's a fantastic time to be a Sentinels fan!

I see it worked. :V

Having played through all the new content as it's coming out (I helped some!), my answer is a resounding 'yes'. Matthew Bishop has really expanded on what can be done with the design space of Sentinels, which is slightly ironic, since Adrift also includes Cauldron's simplest and easiest villain to date.

The environments are where everything has most improved, though. With minor exception, I've never really liked Cauldron environments, finding them overall too fiddly, difficult and distracting from the villain fight. But the Adrift environments are all dynamic and fun; even Windmill City, which is still pretty rough, isn't any worse than most of the canon environments I tend to play in regularly.

Drift is amazing on many fronts. Gyrosaur is Cauldron's answer to Sky-Scraper and she is the best. :D Gargoyle steals every game I have ever run him through. The Mistress of Fate is a difficult but oddly fascinating fight, really pushing that design space I mentioned earlier. Outlander is a great way to implement an Iron Legacy-style "final boss". Screamachine is a hoot and a half.

So yeah, make that two big exhortations for everyone so inclined to check it out. :)

I too am eagerly awaiting the aproval for this set. Sentinels is easily one of my faovrite games, the mechanics and worlds are just so interesting. I'll take more as often as I can get it. It may seems strange but the environments in particular are my favorite part of Cauldron, often they have a bigger impact on the game than the Official ones. I can understand some peoples points that sometimes they end up the focus instead of the villain, but to me its a great way to add new life to Villains. 

I am super excited to add more color to my Sentinels of the Multiverse characters. I really love the diversity of the Cauldron material.

And approved! Many thanks to all especially TOSX for making it and Christopher for approval!

Apologies if this is the wrong place, but I don’t see any other references to the Cauldron here, so I thought I’d make sure people on this board are aware that it has a bit of new content since its official “last expansion”.