Arenson9 villain submissions

Offered for those who may be interested.


I find myself unable to read all of the other villain submissions -- too much stuff!

Oswald-20120923.docx (14.6 KB)

Snakemen-20120923.docx (13.5 KB)

Agreed. I pity Christopher the task of reading them, never mind determining which is the most awesome.

The villain card for the Snakemen has 70 hp, but it seems to represent the Snakemen themselves rather than an actual villain you can punch, if I'm understanding it correctly.  Is the villain supposed to be the leader of the race, or something else?


Yeah, that's not as well thought out as it could be. I was thinking along the lines of having to push the snake people back to their own dimension, but never fleshed that out.

I like the idea of having a villain be an entire race of aliens along the lines of the Brood, Skrulls, etc. with a handful of champions you'd have to deal with but maybe not necessarily a single giant bad guy like Voss.

I saw a couple of solutions that would work... snake men could subtract form the invasions HP when defeated, or you could have a massive ship, portal or base that spits them out and needs to be defeated. I like the idea, and punching snake men in general.

This now reminds me of the snakemen from the Conan the Barbarian cartoon, they came from another dimension or something, but to send them back you had to have Star Metal weapons.

Star Metal, eh? I'm not familiar with the Conan the Barbarian cartoon, but I've seen Star Metal in the Order of the Stick. I wonder if that's where Rich got it from.

I only saw a few episoded of Conan, and I was really young at the time, but I believe Conan's sword was made from star metal, and was called such because it was made from the material from a fallen meteorite.