Aspect Limit

Am I only allowed to use 1 Aspect per Spirit per game, or can I use as many as I want, provided none of them replace the same Innate Power/Special Rule?

For example, if I’m playing Lightning’s Swift Strike, could I use all of the following Aspects?

  • Pandemonium, which replaces Lightning’s Innate Power.
  • Wind, which replaces Lightning’s Special Rule.
  • Immense, which doesn’t replace anything.

Another example would be River Surges in Sunlight with both Sunshine and Travel. However, as all of the Aspects of both Vital Strength of the Earth and Shadows Flicker Like Flame replace those Spirits’ Special Rules, the two above examples would be the only legal ones (as of yet).

It is intended that you only use one Aspect per Spirit per game, yes. Multiple aspects together was not tested and may in many cases be completely busted.


That being said, it certainly sounds like fun. :smiley:

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Thanks, @MindWanderer!

Well, that just means that I have to try it sometime! As Terry Pratchett said, “It’s not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren’t doing it.”

“Play Lightning’s Swift Strike with the Pandemonium and Wind Aspects” is now added to my to-do list. : )