Attention @MigrantP - Possible Error Text In Game Log

I’ve never looked at the log file for an OblivAeon game before, so I don’t know if it’s normal for it to start with the following ominous text:

GameView Start
WARNING: ModHelper.GetTypeForCardController failed: OblivAeon - OblivAeonFrontPageCharacter
WARNING: Could not find class for [Card: Identifier=OblivAeonFrontPageCharacter, InstanceIndex=0, HitPoints=, MaximumHitPoints=, PlayIndex=0, IsFlipped=False, IsFaceUp=False, NextTo=, Under=, Below=, Above=]
GameController puts The Source of Foes into play.

Instead of making a forum post here I’d suggest sending concerns to Contact Us — Handelabra Games


That link doesn’t lead to any sort of contact submission form as far as I can tell, just a bunch of articles you can browse. A search for “OblivAeon” found nothing in this database, and all the questions I saw in a cursory glance at the front page were extremely basic things, like “does Dawn count as a Citizen”. So it seems unlikely that I can get any help there.

I have however been working on decrypting the log and posting it here, and some similar text repeats several times, so it seems to be a standardized thing. Weirdly phrased if it’s something that’s “supposed” to happen; I wouldn’t have labeled it a “warning” myself if it’s SOP, but then I’m not a programmer, so maybe there’s a logic there.

If the game is working correctly, there’s no need to contact us about the contents of diagnostic log files. They exist for our debugging purposes and can change at any time.

MigrantP already replied that nothing needs to be sent but this is on that page I linked you to

Stupid ninja Contact Us button hiding behind an “i am a ninja” sign…