Beginner's Guide to Definitive Edition: Core Game Guide complete!

My beginner’s guide to Definitive Edition has been completed through the core box! This is a collaborative effort with some of the TLP Discord folks to create a guide geared towards new players.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive, high level strategy guide, instead being targeted towards newer players who have played a deck once or twice and are struggling to make it tick.

Direct link to guide:

Link to website, where I plan to compile resources and links:


This is awesome! And a lot of work.

Have you considered integrating this into the Sentinels Wiki?


Thank you so much! I haven’t considered integrating it into the wiki, it’s just been a pet project for me so far, but I know the wiki does have a fan-created section.


All of the wiki is fan-created! I was thinking that a web interface might be more convenient to navigate than a PDF, especially for users on a phone. It’s already got EE rule clarifications; as far as I know you’re the first to publish a DE strategy guide and I see no reason why each character couldn’t have a strategy overview section!

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It looks like there’s a place for strategy guides here. And/or you could add them to the individual pages, as seen with Guise and Setback. (Scroll down to the very bottom of those pages.) I’d recommend very clearly labelling them as Definitive Edition, though, as everything else on the Wiki so far is for EE, so there could be some confusion.