Best Teams vs. Adv Iron Legacy

This weekend I'll be running "Iron Sentinels of the Multiverse" at a local gaming con in Michigan. The idea of this event players are going to choose the hardest of the hard villians. Given that, I think Adv. Iron Legacy is likely in my future. I've beat Iron Legacy and 0 and many against Adv. Iron Legacy.

With that said, what would the fourms say is the best 3, 4 and 5 hero teams to take down Angry Paul? I see TLT in the mix, as well as perhaps Nightmist or OX. I'd love to see other folks opinions, though.

There's a chance that the new promo for Tachy might be available. Depends on the mail. If so, does SST trump TLT?


I've never tried fighting Iron Legacy on Advanced so I don't really know how he's different in that mode (I think he gets perma-soak or even more damage or something?), but Fanatic can be instrumental in kicking his arse with just End of Days and Wrathful Retribution. Actually, if the latter was in your starting hand you wouldn't even need End of Days (unless one or more of Iron Legacy's starting cards were Superhuman Redirection), because you could reduce him to single-figure hp by discarding the rest of your starting hand and then let someone else finish him off (or even do it yourself if, say, you're normal Fanatic and have been buffed by Legacy earlier in the round or something) :D.

I think Iron Legacy generally goes down through one of two methods: 1) Survive long enough to either get a big hit or take him out with a lot of attacks of medium size in the same round from different heroes, or 2) Have enough immunity, DR, and/or deck control that you can take your time and whittle him down, assuming you can stay ahead of his reverse side healing.

Surviving long enough generally involves getting rid of some of his ongoings along with some combination of immunity, DR, and/or deck control.

Advanced Iron Legacy's front side advanced power is to deal irreducible damage, which means to win you'll need to depend less on DR and more on immunity and/or deck control.

Advanced Iron Legacy's reverse side advanced power is to redirect the first attack. That puts a serious spoiler on a number of hero's big hits and also makes it much harder to get in enough attacks in a round to bring him down.

So, what's left? Probably the big hit from a single hero is going to be the way to do it, perhaps Fanatic's Wrathful Retribution, which I think is by far the fastest way to get a large, single damage hit. Many of the others take a while to get to. Tachyon's Lightspeed Barage needs lots of cards in the trash. Bunker's Omnicannon needs lots of cards under the cannon. Haka's Haka of Battle needs lots of cards in hand. 

The stats suggest using five heroes.

Fanatic only has one copy of Wrathful Retribution, so, I'd use Redeemer Fanatic to get the draw capability from her base power. A nice side bonus is that a copy of End of Days can help get rid of Iron Legacy's Ongoings.

Team Leader Tachyon is a must for the card draw, with the side benefits of having a backup plan big hit (Lightspeed Barage) and also having Hypersonic Assaults to possibly keep Iron Legacy from dealing damage. Being a nemisis, unfortunately, means that she'll die faster.

I'd take Scholar for his tanking ability, particularly when combined with Team Leader Tachyon.

I'd take Haka for his combination of potential tanking, potential backup big hit, and his ability to help out with controlling the environment, as needed. I'd probably take Eternal Haka so he can focus on card draw. An early Mere and Dominion would be nice, so he can do a little damage to the environment and get more card draw.

Finally, I'd take Dark Watch NightMist for tanking. Since she's getting cards from Team Leader Tachyon, I think her ability to stack her deck to get to what's needed is more important than her main power's card draw, particularly in this scenario where even NightMists' impressive healing usually can't keep up with Iron Legacy's damage output. Planar Banishment, which allows her to destroy ongoing and environment cards might prove her most important card. Mistbound can stop Iron Legacy's card plays. Cocoon can make her immune.

I'd put Tachyon first to give others card draw, then Scholar who can do a fair bit of support to the others, NightMist, Haka, and Fanatic.

Oh, an excellent group. I'll try that in my next test game (hopefully) tonight.

TLT, Scholar, Nightmist, Haka, and Redeemer Fanatic FTW (again, hopefully).

Actually the easiest Iron Legacy take out is behind a meteor storm on mars, my first win against him was that way with Tachyon two shotting him.

Then you could go with a twist the ether/flesh of the sun god combo: when Iron Legacy can't deal damage he's kind'of toast just need to prepare enough ongoing to prevent destruction of those ongoings.

Fanatic is probably MVP as she has plenty of nice stuff to bring and her incap is good.

Versus Advanced Iron Legacy prioritize:

Redirection:  The best way to get through his defenses is have him hit himself.

Prevention/Immunity:  If he can't hurt you it doesn't matter if you can't reduce the damage.

Ongoing Destruction:  Need this, more is better.

Damage and Healing Bursts: slow and steady loses the race.

Card prevention:  he still deals damage, but you save yourself a lot of nastiness.

Card spamming:  Lastly IL has no all destructs, he destroys your stuff in small bursts, get ahead of his destruction and you can beat him.

So your top heroes are:

#1:  Nightmist.  The whole spectrum, redirect, stop his cards, big healing, destruction and immunity.  Whe doesn't have huge damage, but if you can get your cards before you die you should win.  She needs friends that put ongoing and equips in play to save hers from destruction.

#2:  Tempest.  Awesome Destruction, great damage, and his incap is glorious when he falls.  if a damage dealer with some healing is alive when Tempest falls it is likely game over for Iron Legacy.

#3:  Legacy.  Take Down, Interception, Lead+Evolution, Galvanize, it is all glorious.  No destruction warning!

#4:  Haka.  Ground Pound, Haka of Battle, more health than IL.  No destruction!

#5:  Mr. Fixer.  Yeah, that's right.  No destruction! Tiger/Crane/Mantis are all good vs. IL.  And Mantis is Huge when you have an ally that hits multiple targets of their choice.  He also has Grease Gun.  If he isn't doing well he still puts cards in play to eat destruction which is big, and Salvage yard can be a game changer.

#6:  Fanatic.  End of Days, Wrathful, Aegis, focus and Sacrosanct Martyr.  Your health is irrelevant, Iron Legacy's health is all that matters.  Fanatic lives for short brutal fights like this.

#7:  Parse.  Destruction, Irreducible damage galore, and Buffer Overflow can put his indestructible cards in the trash.  Parse and Fixer are a fantastic combo vs. IL.  Two rounds of irreducible damage is a win with almost any team.

#8:  Wraith.  Whe gets in front of destruction, she deals solid damage, she has throat Punch and Grappling Hook, Smoke Bombs is the bomb with Nightmist if she gets Amulet and you can feed Nightmist enough cards.  Round 2 Iron Legacy wiping himself out from nearly full health is priceless.


They aren't in order, just your best options for building a team around, in my opinion.

Don't roll with 2 of Haka/Legacy/Fixer unless you go 5 heroes, and even then you are asking for trouble.

Old topic, I know, but I'm working on The Hero We Deserve, and I decided to tackle IR next. I found this thread before starting.

Team: Greatest Legacy, Team Leader, K.N.Y.F.E. Rogue Agent, Action Hero Stuntman, Redeemer Fanatic.

Duration: 2 turns (!)

Final team health: 16/16/17/10/15.

Fanatic had an end of days in her initial draw. That helped a lot. I made sure to only play KNYVE and Stuntman ongoings that turn, with "when destroyed" effects. Tachyon had a Hypersonic too in her starting hand, which also helped. Stuntman ended it with a Dramatic Cliffhanger, appropriately enough.