Bizarre Production Order?

According to BGG the Dark Watch, Spite: Agent of Gloom, and Skinwalker Gloomweaver promos came out in December 2013 but the Vengeance expansion didn’t come out until 2014. Does that mean that there was a Dark Watch Setback promo card floating around long before there was a regular Setback card much less a Setback deck?

I dunno about “long” before (the fact that this entire game is only ten years old still weirds me out), but yes, when the Dark Watch promos came out, they included a hero named Setback who didn’t yet exist, as a tease for upcoming products. I still vividly remember getting my DW heroes - a huge upgrade for Expat and a seriously needed changing-up for the fairly boring MF, although Nightmist was mostly a downgrade, and when Setback was shown to all of us, it turned out that his promo is also pretty inferior to the standard power.

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That’s funny, Setback was available before Vengeance in the digital version, too.

How so?

Vengeance was part of Season 2, but if you pre-purchased Season 2 you got three decks early: Setback, Chokepoint, and the Celestial Tribunal.