Blazing renewal question

i found 2 copy of balzing rewal, but threshold text is diffrent.

this is scan of my copy

blazing renewal card katalog

this is app and card katalog`s text.

i want to know what is correct text.

in my opinnion, ‘+4 damage’ will be able as read ‘2 damage to each town/city in that land, and 4 damage one of the towns / cities’

but this is +4 overall Damage, right?

It’s actually two different triggers. Top part only does damage if you add destroyed presence, and if so, 2 to each building. Next, did you hit the kicker? Do 4 points of damage in that land, to whatever you want.


i just talk about threshold effect

The app version is correct. There was an errata that went out for a later printing, if I remember correctly.


I think what Godai is saying is, if it reads “4” instead of “+4,” you don’t have to do the destroyed presence thing to get the threshold damage to occur.


Yep, and you don’t have to only hit settlements (towns / cities). :+1:t2: