Blue Hex Questions for maps.

If Bunker teleports and stays on the blue hex, then next turn drops into turret mode, he can't be moved.  Can others teleport into that blue hex if Bunker can't be moved from it?

Also who chooses where the occupying target is moved?

As to the second question: Active Player. Conflict as of right now means active player.

The first question gives me the Rules-As-Written heebie-jeebies. The second line should either read "[...] place that target in an unoccupied adjacent hex" (which gets around bunker being unable to be moved, as placing is not moving); or "If that hex is occupied by a target that can be moved, then move the occupying target into an adjacent unoccupied hex. Otherwise, if the occupying target cannot be moved, place the original target in an unoccupied hex adjacent to the blue hex"

Alternatively, one can use the term Closest unoccupied hex, which is still up to the active player, as long as there is an accepted glossary entry for "closest". This would allow for some fancy teleporter raves. (I'm imagining Overwhelm-ing Prolos pouring into one teleport hex, followed by unity's bots)

The current wording is just shy of broken. What happens if there is no room to move the occupying target to? (Occupied Blue hex surrounded by Prolos, on a whim). I think having the diplacement is intended to prevent a team from camping on blue hexes, teleporting to the enemy, attacking, and then coming back(thus ensuring no one can ever get to their location), but displacing targets already on blue hexes is more nuanced than what is provided. As you've pointed out. =]

> As to the second question: Active Player. Conflict as of right now means active player.


That's not exactly true. In the case of a _timing_ conflict, where two things need to happen at the same time, the active player chooses the _order_. This particular question doesn't have a defined answer in the rules, as far as I know; the ability should define who chooses. I don't have the text of the maps in front of me at the moment, though.

You're right, sorry about the poor phrasing. I was viewing it similarly to any pushing/moving effects like kusarigama(which is determined by the person activating the action).  In our recent games, whenever there is a lack of the word "may", and there is an implication of multiple options, we have thought the active player always makes the determination. The only exeption we've found so far is if Kusarigama is used on Omnitron-V, as laid out in the FAQ.

Most of those are timing things, though. Now you've got me wondering if I ever had a non-timing conflict at all! =]

The text is:

Whenever a target enters a Blue-outlined hex, immediately move that target to another blue-outlined hex.  If that hex is occupied move the occupying target to an adjacent hex.

I am guessing that the "move the occupying target" part would fail, meaning you couldn't end movemnt on the blue hex, but that you could still move through that hex, ending your movement on a different hex.

Or that you couldnt move there at all…

Bunker would be pretty useless if there was no one there to hit. But It would be a sick play to trap someone in the room with him while he just demolished them.